After a lot of effort and some sweet talking, I finally managed to convince Chloe to go home and leave me with Katie. Apparently, Chloe hasn't had a good nights sleep in a while so I forced her to go home rather than spend the night in an uncomfortable hospital chair. So, with a few hugs and kisses, Michael and Chloe left, and I sat beside Katie with her hand clutched in both of mine.
"Thank you again, Luke" She sighs and I just shrug.
"Seriously, stop thanking me. I'm sure you would've done the same"
"Yeah, but still. Luke, you don't understand what you did for me. Don't you get that you saved my life?" She asks, bewildered.
"Katie, seriously."
"No, Luke. I want you to accept this because I seriously can't thank you enough. I was so stupid to try that and I know that now and I'm sorry you had to find me like that, I really am. I just didn't know what else to do" Her voice cracks halfway through and her eyes are welling up and I'm on my feet in milliseconds. "I'm so sorry" She says and she begins to cry.
"No, no don't cry Katie, it's ok. You're ok now. You're fine" I rush out, wiping at her face with my hands and she laughs humourlessly.
"I've never cried this much in my life. Actually, I don't think I've ever really properly cried before so this is a first" She says, shaking her head.
"It's ok to cry. It is" I assure her and she smiles weakly at me. Once her tears stop, I sit back down and take her hand once again, rubbing small circles on it with my thumb. A comfortable silence falls on us for a few seconds and I speak up to prevent it from getting awkward.
"Why did you come to the apartment the other night?" I ask her and her cheeks go a little bit red.
"Oh, I was going to ask if you wanted to, like, go catch a movie or something" She mumbles and I can't believe that the shy girl in front of me is Katie West.
"Really?" I ask, really surprised.
"Yeah. But you have a girlfriend, so..." She trails off and it feels like a sword is being pushed through my stomach.
"Oh, we broke up that night actually" I say to her, the words making the sword turn.
"Oh really?" She says, and I nearly laugh at how much her mood changed. She is obviously trying to hide her smile.
"Yeah, turns out she's pregnant. Some other dudes baby. I don't know, she cheated on me a bunch of times in our relationship apparently" I shrug, letting out a deep breath. I wasn't over it at all.
"Wow, she didn't seem like the type" Katie says and I laugh loudly.
"I know, I was stupid for dating her, blah blah blah" I wave my free hand in the air, smiling at Katie. "So, back to you wanting me to come out with you" I laugh at how her cheeks go rosy again.
"Didn't you hear what I was saying when I was yelling at you?" She giggles.
"I couldn't really understand what you were saying. You've got a large voice going on there" I point out and she smiles.
"Well I'm glad" She sighs.
"I did hear one part though, about you falling for me" I whisper and her eyes go wide.
"Seriously? Out of all the things I said, you had to tune into that" She groans and I find her embarrassment absolutely adorable.
"I also heard you call my ex-girlfriend a whore"
"She deserved it"
"That she did" I smile, putting my other hand on top of our intertwined ones.
"Hello love, sorry if I'm interrupting anything but I have brought you some dinner" A kind-faced woman says. She looked to be in about her late 20's and she had the name Molly written on her name tag.
"Oh, thank you" Katie says politely and I help her sit up a bit, a pang of sadness hitting me hard when she winces. Molly puts the tray of food onto the little table and wheels it over the bed, setting it up in front of her.
"If you need anything, just press that button" Molly says, pointing to red button above Kate's head. We both thank her and she nods before walking out.
"Looks scrumptious" I say with a crinkled nose as she unveils each of her dishes. Sitting in front of her is a bowl of mashed potato, a sausage roll that looks a little bit... unsafe, and some vegetables.
"Would you like some? You haven't eaten, I feel horrible. Sorry, you don't have to stay. I will be fine. You should eat" Katie rambles and it is so weird seeing her like this. She is acting so differently. I guess I can't expect her I be perfectly normal after a day like today, though.
"Kate, listen to me, stop worrying about me, ok? I am fine. Now, eat up your slop before it gets cold" I tell her and she rolls her eyes before jabbing it with her fork. I watch as she puts it into her mouth and makes a disgusted face but she continues to eat it anyway. Before she left, Chloe had drilled into her about making sure she eats and she have me an even bigger lecture on why I have to make sure that she eats. It seemed Chloe was the only one Katie really listened to.
"It tastes like butt" She mumbles and I laugh.
"Just eat it, these orange juice cup things are pretty good. I broke my arm once and I lived off of them while I was in hospital. So, just have one of them when you finish to wash the taste away"
"You're a dork" She tells me.
"Why am I a dork"
"You just are. I have to eat this shit, I shouldn't be badgered with questions right now" She says, quite sassily might I add and I raise my eyebrows at her.
"Just eat your bum food and get on with it" I sigh and grab the remote for her TV, switching it on and smiling when Family Guy shows up on screen.
"Yes Luke, you may use my TV" Katie says sarcastically.
"Thanks for everything Luke"
"Goodnight Kate"
"Goodnight" She whispers and lean over her bed to kiss her forehead, then her cheek, and then her nose. I tuck the blankets up around her and then shut off the TV, using my phone as a light. I put it on charge and try to get comfy on the hospital chair, using a blanket I had gotten from one of the nurses earlier to keep me warm. After a few minutes of shifting, I finally found a decent spot and dozed off, thinking of Katie and relieved that today was over.

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