With the sun slowly making it's escape from the sky, came an array of colours mixing with blue in its wake. Breathtaking was an understatement, and with my hand in Luke's, and Calum and Ashton's singing in the background, accompanied by the strumming of guitar, it made the scene even more effective. Michael and Chloe slow-danced on the sand a few metres from us, swaying together as Calum and Ashton performed Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran.
Suddenly, Luke stands up and kneels before me, holding his hand out to me. "May I have this dance?" Luke asks.
"I don't dance"
"Neither do I, but we can look like idiots together" He smiles and I put my hand in his.
"Sounds like a plan" I grin and Luke pulls me to my feet, leading me over to where Michael and Chloe were.
"Now, how do we do this?" He asks, looking down at me curiously.
"We are such an awkward mess" I laugh.
"'We.' I like the sound of that"
"Do you need the bathroom?" I ask and he rolls his eyes at me.
"Ha. Ha. Very funny" He says dryly. "But seriously, what are we doing?" He laughs.
"I don't know! You're the one that watches romance films for fun"
"Shut up" He groans. "I think I put my hands here, and you put yours here" He says, pulling my hands to his shoulders before putting his on my waist. I link my hands behind his neck, and look up at him with the disappearing sun behind him, casting a shadow on his face that makes him look so beautiful I almost want to cry.
"I like you a lot" He confesses and I look away from his face, turning to the ground as a blush creeps up my body.
"I like you a lot, too" I mumble, bringing my eyes back up to his.
"I hope we can be something, someday"
"I'd like that" I tell him and he smiles.
"Soon. I don't think either of us are really in the right state to jump into anything right now" He laughs and I agree, nodding my head with a chuckle.
"But, I can't wait for soon to come" Luke says and I pull him closer to me, so that our bodies are hardly even a millimetre apart.
"Neither can I"
"You're so beautiful" He says, planting a kiss on my red cheeks. "I don't think I will ever get tired of saying that"
"You are incredibly adorable and it scares me. Are you sure you're human?" I ask and he laughs.
"I'm pretty sure. I could be wrong, though" He shrugs and I giggle.
We are silent after that. Just swaying to the strumming of the guitar.
"I wanna dance!" Calum whines. "Ashton, why can't you ask me to dance like them?" He asks and I look over to see his arms crossed and lips pouted as he glares at Ashton.
"Would you like to dance?" Ashton asks and Calum giggles femininely.
"I would love to" He says, pretending to flick the nonexistent hair off of his shoulder.
"I think you enjoyed being a girl too much the other night" Ashton mutters, and Calum grabs his hand, putting his phone on the portable speakers they had brought down and putting on some music. Little Things by One Direction came on and I burst out laughing.
"See, now this. This why I love you guys. And also why you'll never be punk rock" I laugh.
"Hey!" Michael shouts.
"You named your hair colour"
"Actually, you did. I merely adopted it"
"You still have a name for your hair colour" I remark and he groans, burying his head into Chloe's neck.
"It's okay, I think you're punk rock" Chloe says, mouthing the words 'not really' with wide eyes and a shaking head afterwards and Luke and I laugh at her.
"Crumpin'" Calum shouts, and begins to, well, crump. "Crump with me, Ashton!" The kiwi yells and Ashton joins him, crumping away to the slow song.
"Ruining the moment!" Luke yells and they stop, grabbing each other and mimicking our position.
"Happy?" Ashton asks and Luke looks down at me, smiling softly.
"Yeah" He whispers, and my heart beat picks up rapidly. And then suddenly, I'm leaning in and he is too, and this is actually happening. It's like he is a magnet, and when his eyes flick down to my lips and back up to my eyes, I am done for. The magnet is too much, and we come together, a shock running through me and out to my fingertips as our lips finally touch in a short, sweet kiss.
It's nothing but a peck, but the butterflies last long after we pull away, and I'm missing the feel of his lips on mine, and I can't even describe the relief I feel when our lips are together once again. I didn't feel fireworks, like they said in the books. But I definitely felt something. Something inside me stirred, and the feeling was so amazing that I never wanted it to end.
And then I realised.
I wasn't addicted to cigarettes.
I wasn't addicted to alcohol.
I wasn't addicted to hurting myself purposefully.
I was addicted to him. He was all I needed, as long as I got my fix. Because I had never felt so alive, so content. I was addicted to his smile, and the way he pulled his lip ring between his teeth when he thought, and the way he held me at night, and the way his long arms would always be able to reach the top shelf when I could not, and the way his body was always so warm. I was addicted to his laugh, and the way his eyes lit up when he spoke of the things he loved, the way his long legs made it easy for him to catch up to me, and the way his big hands always held onto my smaller ones, like he didn't want to let me go. And now, I was addicted to the feeling of his lips.
Luke Hemmings was my drug, my way of life, and I wasn't about to cut off my supply.
When we pulled away, my lips were tingling and my hands were still in his hair. My legs were weak, and if it weren't for his grip around my waist I'm almost positive I would have fallen over by now.
Something changed within me, something happened to me when his lips finally met mine, and I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I didn't care. I didn't care because Luke was all I needed.
"I could definitely get used to that" He breathes out. "Please, tell me you felt it, too" He whispers to me, searching my eyes for whatever answer he wanted.
"I did. I did, and I'm not sure what it was, but I wouldn't mind feeling it again" I say before reconnecting our lips. My hands in his hair, his hands gripping my waist, his fingers pressing into me lightly, I realise what that feeling is. It was home. I was finally home.
We pull away, both out of breath, our foreheads touching and I could've sworn I felt the earth start to move again. It was like everything stopped when our lips were touching. Nothing mattered but us. I had forgotten about the sand beneath us and the waves in front of us. I had forgotten about the people around us and the world we live in. I had forgotten about everything, except for him.
I can't help the laugh that falls out of my mouth, and Luke seems to do the same. I'm just so happy, I can't think of anything else to do. So we just laugh quietly together.
Then, reality suddenly hits us like a semi-trailer when someone clears their throat.
"Did we just witness the most romantic thing to ever happen, ever?" Ashton says, and I look away from Luke to see everyone staring at us.
"I think so" Chloe responds, a proud smile slapped across her face.
"You guys are so cute!" Calum gushes, clapping his hands and I bury my head in Luke's chest with a groan and he chuckles above me.
"We are pretty cute" He agrees quietly, so only I can hear.
"You think so?" I ask, looking up at him.
"Oh, I know so" He smirks, leaning down and kissing my forehead. My lips were craving his, and I hoped that he felt the same way.
The sun had almost completely disappeared, and so had the colours of the sun set, the sky slowly getting darker as more and more stars began to pop up. Luke and I set up some towels far enough away from the group so that we could be alone, but sill close enough to get some of the warmth from the fire. I was almost positive we weren't supposed to have a fire on this beach, but oh well. I laid down on my back, with my hands by my side, and Luke did the same next to me, our shoulders brushing slightly as we looked up at all the stars that now littered the space above us.
"Isn't it so weird how we are so tiny compared to everything out there?" Luke asks, looking up at the sky. "Like, the stars look almost microscopic to us, but we aren't even grains of sand to them"
"Don't go all philosophical on me" I laugh and he rolls his eyes.
"I just wanted an intelligent conversation" He huffs and I grab his hand in mine.
"Right, sorry. Sorry"
"You know, I saw a shooting star last night" "He says randomly, and I pull our hands onto my stomach, playing with his fingers. I have decided that it is my new favourite hobby.
"Did you?"
"Yeah. I made a wish"
"What was it?" I ask him.
"Well, I shouldn't tell you, but it came true anyway, so I'm allowed, I guess" He shrugs. "I wished that you wanted me as bad as I wanted you and when you kissed me, I don't know if you only did it on impulse, but I felt something real there. I thought it was only in fiction, I didn't think that that sort of stuff actually happened. Like, I never felt any of that with Natasha. Not even once. And I hope you felt that, too, because if not, I've just made a dick of myself" He rambles and I laugh at his nervous chatter.
"You're too cute. It wasn't on impulse, I wanted to, and I'm so glad I did. I felt that, I did, I felt at home. I feel like I belong when I'm around you, Luke. I feel like I have a purpose"
"Me too" He smiles, still staring at the constellations.
"Oi! Love birds! Come get some food" Ashton calls and Luke stands up, holding his hands out to me and I take them, letting him pull me to my feet and we walk back over to the fire, sitting in our camp chairs and eating our bacon and egg rolls.
"Isn't this more of a breakfast food?" I ask, biting into it.
"There's no such thing as breakfast food. Don't discriminate" Michael tells me, giving me a pointed look before returning to his second burger.
"Sorry. Don't get your knickers in a knot" I say, rolling my eyes and Luke chokes on his dinner beside me.
"I'll save you baby!" Calum yells, jumping out of his chair, causing it to fall in the sand behind him and he leaps onto Luke, pulling him to his feet and squeezing his body, performing an extremely dirty looking heimlich manoeuvre.
"Calum! I'm fine!" Luke wheezes, but Calum keeps squeezing.
"Shhh, Luke it's okay! You don't have to act tough. I'm here to help"
"Calum! Fuck off!" Luke yells, making a groan when Calum squeezes his stomach too hard. We all watch on, laughing loudly as Luke's eyes look like they're about to pop out of his head. And when Calum squeezes right over Luke's balls, making Luke yelp in pain, it's too much for me and I fall out of my chair from laughing so hard.
"Man down!" I yell, still laughing, and Calum lets go off Luke and lifts me toy feet.
"I feel like Superman. Wait, no. I am Superman!" He shouts, clapping Luke on the shoulder, almost making the blonde fall over due to his bent over position, coughing and spluttering.
"You made it worse!" Luke wheezes and I sit back in my chair.
"You good, babe?" I laugh, reaching over and patting his arm.
"I am now" He says, straightening up and giving me a pained grin.
"I forgot how tough you are, big macho Lukey" I tease, rolling my eyes and leaning back in my chair. He smirks at me and walks over, going to sit on my lap but stopping suddenly as if he remembered something and he looks at me cautiously.
"They don't hurt that much anymore, you're fine" I smile at him and he nods, carefully sitting down. "You have an awfully bony butt" I state, grabbing his hips and positioning him so that his butt doesn't feel like it's stabbing me anymore. Then I wrap my hands around his waist and lean my head against his back, getting comfy. I'm glad that I'm positioned perfectly so that I can still see everyone, even with Luke towering over me. I press a kiss to his shoulder, doubting he can feel it through the fabric of his jumper, but I do it anyway, because I can.
"You're warm" I mumble and Luke laughs, the vibrations running through my cheek and making me laugh, too.
"You know what's weird?" Ashton says, looking at the fire rather intently, meaning he was probably in really deep thought. So, what he is about to say could go two ways. It will either be very deep, or make no sense at all.
"What?" Chloe says, gesturing for him to continue.
"That cats, no matter how evil they are, are considered as pets, but you can't have a perfectly nice, loving monkey that is so easily trained as a pet. Like, come on Australia, what on Earth are you doing? It should be just as easy to have a monkey as it is to have a cat, even though monkeys are so damn amazing" He says, sounding deeply offended by the matter.
"That was way too thought out" I laugh, and everyone joins me, except Ashton who just sits there.
"I'm serious! It's not fair" He sighs.
"Have you been getting much sleep lately?" Michael asks and Ash rolls his eyes.
"Wait. No, he has a point" Calum says, looking like he has just heard some life changing advice.
"You're kidding" Chloe says, looking at both of them dumbfounded.
"No! It's really not fair" Calum defends and Luke shakes his head.
"Monkeys, even though they are so much cooler, they are so much more dangerous and harder to look after. They need things to swing off of and stuff, and they smell and they make messes"
"So do you, but the government still let us keep you in our house, so why not a monkey?" Ashton says and I let out a giggle.
"You're an idiot" Luke mutters.
"I'm just trying to give monkeys a chance! They're either stuck in zoos or forced to live out in the wild where there are fierce lions and stuff. Monkeys don't deserve to die" Ashton says proudly and I seriously consider taking him to get his mental health checked.
"They've survived for all this time, I'm sure they're fine" Michael reasons and Ashton shakes his head.
"Orangutans are endangered"
"That's because humans are cutting down their trees. It's not the animals, it's us" Luke says and I laugh at him. "What?" He says, turning slightly on my lap to look at me from the corner of his eye.
"That was so deep" I laugh and he shrugs.
"Admit it, you'd love to have a monkey as a pet" Calum says and Luke shrugs.
"Sure it'd be cool, but it would be hard work" Says Michael.
"Can we move on? I'm sick of hearing you debate over monkeys" Chloe groans.
"I agree. You guys are getting too serious. I'm worried there'll be punches thrown, and I can't guarantee I won't try to join in" I joke and Ashton sighs.
"I'm still adamant that it is cruel"
"But th-" Luke begins but I cut him off, slapping my hand against his mouth.
"Let it go" I laugh and he rolls his eyes, but when I take my hand away he doesn't try to talk again.
Dear God, I think I'm going to need a little help with these boys.


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