"Get in the damn car before I cut up everyone's genitals" Michael shouts impatiently and Chloe giggles from beside him. Fucking Chloe, always laughing at her stupid boyfriend.
She was right, I guess. She picked it. He asked her out that night of their date and I didn't hear the end of it until a few days later when I finally yelled at her. She gave me the silent treatment for a full two hours afterwards, a new record for her.
She usually cracked after 20 minutes.
Calum and I had gotten extremely close in the last week and a half. Well about as close as you can get, at least.
Luke and I still hadn't broken the acquaintance title and I could tell he was bummed by the amount of times he pestered me about it.
Ashton often tagged along whenever Calum and I would go do something so I had gotten fairly close to him also. It felt weird to have more than one person that I could ask to do something with, and I was still getting used to it. But surprisingly, it was a pleasant change.
Today was the day I was going on my first ever camping trip and I wasn't nearly as excited as everyone else. Go figure.
"Katie! Get in!" Luke says from the drivers seat and I walk over, seeing that the only space left is in the front seat, next to Luke.
"Why must I sit here?" I groan, sitting down and putting on my seatbelt.
"Whether you like it or not, by the time we reach the site we are going to be friends. Got it?" Luke says, trying to sound stern even though he is doing a horrible job of hiding his excitement.
"Whatever" I mumble, leaning back in my seat.
"Cheer up, sunshine. This is your first time camping. You should be jumping for joy!" Chloe teases and I roll my eyes, flipping her the bird.
"Can it, shorts" I mutter, pulling my hand back down to my lap.
"It's too fucking early. I'm going back to sleep" Michael grumbles.
"It's almost 10am" I point out.
"Exactly" He sighs and I look behind me to see him with one arm around Chloe and his head on her shoulder, his eyes closed.
She rests her head on his and shuts her eyes also, smiling to herself. I wanted to puke, even though I am very happy for my best friend.
"I'm sleeping too" Calum says tiredly from next to Chloe.
"Oh man! Now I'm gonna be all bored and lonely" Ashton sighs from the back seat, where he is accompanied by all of our luggage and everything.
"You'll live" Calum mumbles, leaning his head against the window and closing his eyes.
"Well, seeing as Ashton is out of the picture-" Luke begins.
"Hey!" Ashton exclaims before being shushed by the three in the middle that are trying to sleep, Michael cussing him out.
I look back to smile at Ashton who is pouting with his arms crossed over his chest and I notice Calum putting on a pair of headphones that are plugged into his phone.
"Anyway, as I was saying, seeing as Ashton is irrelevant, I need you to keep me entertained for the next couple hours" Luke tells me, glancing at me quickly.
"Is that so?" I say, quirking an eyebrow at him and he simply nods. "And how am I going to do that?" I ask him.
"How about we play 20-Q?" He offers and I crinkle my face.
"How original of you" I say, rolling my eyes.
"Fine then, how about we play 'I will ask you a bunch of shit and you can answer it and then ask me a bunch I shit and I will answer that and we can all get along and be friends'" He suggests and I laugh quietly.
"Fine, but only if you can repeat that" I challenge.
"I will ask you a bunch of shit a-"
"I was kidding! Please, please stop" I beg, cutting him off before he can continue and he chuckles to himself.
"Ok then. So, Katie, if that's really what your name is" He muses and I roll my eyes at his corny arse line. "Have you ever gotten into trouble with the police?" He asks me, out of nowhere.
"Have you?" I counter.
"Ah, but you see, how this game wor-"
"Can it Hemmings. Just answer the damn question" I snap and he nods.
"Fine. Yes, I have. This one time I was skating down the street without a helmet and the cops pulled me up" He shrugged, resting on arm on the centre console, trying to look rebellious with his black sunglasses covering his eyes.
"Oh, so badass" I laugh.
"I know, hey? Now, answer my question" He says.
"Yes. Numerous times. I got away with it every time though. It's all in the big, innocent eyes" I shrug and he laughs quietly.
"So, are you going to tell me why?"
"I think it's my turn to ask the questions" I remind him.
"Good point" He smiles, obviously sensing that he was pushing his luck with me.

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