I wrestled out of Luke's tight grip as quickly and as carefully as I could, not wanting to wake him. When I finally broke free, I rushed to the bathroom. I had woken up with a strange feeling in my stomach and I had a good feeling I knew what was wrong.
Sure enough, I ended up having to change my underwear and grab a pad from the bathroom drawer, groaning as I put it on my underwear.
"You okay in there?" Luke's voice is thick and groggy from sleep.
"Yeah, just lady troubles" I say back, pulling my pants back on and cringing at the uncomfortable feeling.
"Oh. Oh. Do you need anything?" He asks. "Like, something to stop the, uh, bleeding, or something?" He asks and I laugh loudly.
"Do you know nothing?"
"Well I don't have a uterus, so I don't know" He tells me.
"I'm fine Luke" I tell him. Opening up the bathroom door, I see him standing there rubbing his eyes as a yawn escapes his lips. "I mean, I'm bleeding vaginally but other than that, I'm fine"
"Uh, thats... great" He says, looking disgusted.
"You're in for a great week" I tell him sarcastically.
"Ice cream couldn't have come at a better time" Chloe groans when she falls onto the lounge next to me, almost knocking my rice bubbles. How dare she.
"I feel sorry for the boys, to be quite honest" I say, knowing that Chloe and I had received our monthly gift at the same time, once again.
"Shark week is the worst week" She mumbles, her eyes hardly open. It is 7:30, after all.
Chloe and I had called it shark week for years, because the uterus kinda looks like a sharks brain. Anyway, it was our little code name/inside joke for our monthly gift.
"I have to work" I groan, getting up and taking my empty bowl to the kitchen before going into the bathroom to finish getting ready. Once I finish, I quietly grab my shoes from my bedroom, not wanting to wake Luke. He looked so cute laying there, cuddling my pillow in his long arms, his mouth slightly open. I put my shoes on with a smile and grabbed my phone and wallet from my bedside table before heading to my bedroom door.
"Katie?" Luke whispers.
"Yeah?" I say to the sleepy blonde.
"Have a good day at work, princess. I'm taking you out tonight so wear something warm" He mumbles, not even opening his eyes. "Oh, and don't you dare try and leave me without giving me a cuddle" He says.
"You big softie" I laugh, walking over and bending down next to him. His hands lurch out and next thing I know, I'm back in bed. "Luke! I'm late enough for work as it is!" I squeal through a laugh, trying to break free from his iron grip.
"Fine" He sighs, pressing a kiss to my forehead before softly pushing me off the bed. "I'll probably still be here when you get back"
Luke was wrong. He wasn't there when I got back. But in his place was a single red rose, with a piece of red card stuck to the stem. Even the bed was made, I was impressed by that. I walked over to the rose, and sat down on the bed next to it. Picking up the card, I began to read the black writing scrawled over it.

Hello princess :-),
Hope your day at work was good!
Sorry I'm not here like I said I would be, but I promise that what I have planned is just as great as seeing my redeeming facial features. I know you say you don't like the whole cheesy thing, but I think you actually secretly love it. So put on something nice (skinny jeans and a jumper is fine), and prepare yourself. Because tonight will be cheesier than Michael's toe fungus ;-).

Stay hairy (and beautiful)

-Luke xx

Oh God, Michael doesn't really have toe fungus does he?
To be quite honest, all I wanted to do was sleep right now, but Luke had something planned and I wasn't about to bail on him. Plus, I'd rather spend the night with him anyway. So I pulled on a new shirt, as I was already in my jeans, and I stared down at the bandages on my arms that still hadn't come off. They were peeling off by now though, so I guess it was time to remove them.
"Chloe!" I called through the house, knowing she was lurking around somewhere.
"Can you come give me a hand?" I asked and I heard footsteps coming towards my room. She stood in my doorway, leaning against the frame.
"I need to get these off" I say, holding my arms out to her and she moved over to me.
"It'll sting" She warns me.
"I know, just get it over with" I say, watching as she picks her fingernail under one of the corners that had folded up slightly.
"3, 2, 1" She counts before ripping the bandaid off, a stinging rippling through my arm.
"Shit!" I mumble, squinting my eyes.
"Second one. 3,2,1" She pulls off the second one, and it doesn't hurt quite as much this time. "Done" She smiles, putting the band aids in the small bin in the corner of my room. I look down at the angry red lines littering my arms and I feel Chloe's hand rub my arm.
"We're past this, ok?" Chloe says, looking me straight in the eyes.
"Ok" I nod, pulling on a jumper from my desk.
"Luke told me about tonight, you're in for a fun one" She tells me, winking before walking out of the room, leaving me wondering. I don't bother with hair and makeup, as per usual, simply throwing my thick brown hair up into a pony tail and putting on my black vans. I didn't know when Luke was getting me, or if he was even getting me, so I decided to fill a vase up with water. I put it on my bedside table and stuck the rose inside, grabbing my phone and sending a picture of it to Luke.
I smiled as he sent back a message about how it looked almost as beautiful as me, almost crying because I didn't understand how I had gotten so lucky to be so close with such an angel of a person.
I stepped out of my bedroom and into the hallway, heading to the kitchen because I felt like I could eat a horse right now.
I entered the kitchen to a strange sight. Someone was sitting at the table, with a newspaper up and covering their face. I saw a tip of dyed hair peaking out above the paper, and I knew who it was.
"Michael, your newspaper is upside down" I point out, and he pulls the paper away from his face to reveal a fake moustache on his top lip, and glasses that obviously had no lenses sitting over his eyes.
"It's dad to you, young lady" He says firmly.
"Don't sass me, woman!" He shouts, tutting at me.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Don't use that word under my roof" He says, raising his eyebrows at me. "Where do you think you're going, all dressed up like that?" Michael asks me.
"Luke is taking me out?" I say, utterly confused.
"Who is this Luke boy? Is he your boyfriend? Are you engaging in sexual intercourse with this Luke boy?"
"I am you father, so address me like it"
"Chloe! Your boyfriend is being a dick!" I yell and she strolls in seconds later.
"I don't know what you're talking about. All I see is our dad" She shrugs, looking at me weirdly.
"Chloe" I say, begging her to explain with my eyes. She pulls me close and whispers into my ear.
"Luke wanted you to have the whole 'first date' experience like every other girl. So, here's your father, I'm apparently your sister which is quite weird, and, well, your mother should be here any second now" Chloe explains and my heart aches.
"Luke organised this?" I ask and she nods. I don't even realise I'm grinning until my mouth starts to hurt. He really is the sweetest guy I have ever met.
"Honey! I'm home!" A horrid impression of a females voice rings through the apartment, and I know instantly it's a man.
"In the kitchen!" Michael calls and a figure appears at the doorway.
"Oh dear God" I mutter, trying to hold in my laughter. Calum stands there in a tight dress, oranges stuck in the front of the dress to look like boobs. A purple wig sits on his head, and he has plastic pearls around his neck. A handbag hangs from his arm and the high heels on his feet make him even taller than he already is.
"Hello darling" He says, his voice high pitched and squeaky as he waddles over to Michael, pressing a sloppy kiss to his cheek.
"Our daughter has a date with a boy" Michael says, looking at me. He is actually a decent actor, I'll give him that.
"She what!? Use protection, dear. The pain of child birth is not worth it, no matter how great unprotected sex feels"
"My name is Francesca, thank you very much" Calum says, crossing his arms over his chest. Why are these boys so God damn sassy? Wow. The sound of someone knocking fills the silence, and Michael and Calu- uh, I mean, Francesca, are rushing to answer it before I can even flinch.
"Oh wow, you guys really went all out" I hear Luke's smooth voice, his melodic laugh making my stomach whirl. Michael enters the room once again, with his arm gripping Luke's bicep tightly.
"Young man, what are your intentions with my daughter?" He asks, his fake moustache falling off slightly. He quickly sticks it back to his face with his finger, his serious facial expression not faltering for a second.
"I plan to take her out, nail her repeatedly, and then leave her on the highway" Luke tells Michael, and he seems dead serious. I would've believed him if it weren't for the joking glint in his eyes.
"Fair enough, you guys have fun now, stay safe!" Calum says, kissing Luke on the forehead and doing the same to me, his wig falling slightly in the process but he saves it quickly.
"Let's go" Luke smiles, holding his arm out. He looks amazing, wearing a black singlet with white writing on it, and black skinny jeans, black converse high tops covering his feet. His outfit is so simple, yet he makes it look designer. I link my arm with his outstretched one, and he hands me another rose that I give to Chloe, instructing her to put it in the case in my room with the other one.
Luke leads me out of the apartment complex and out onto the street, until we reach the boys' van. Ashton stands there, leaning against the doors in a suit-styled onesie.
"Hello, master" He says, bowing to Luke. "M'lady" He takes my hand in his, kissing my knuckles softly. "Your chariot awaits" Ashton announces, holding his hands out as if to present the van in all it's rusted glory.
"This lighting really brings out the beauty of the scratches and dints" Luke points out, making me giggle lightly.
"Very observant, sir" Ashton says poshly. These boys really get into their characters. Butler Ash slides the back door open for us, and Luke and I climb in, my breath hitching in my throat when we do.
The whole back of the van has been decorated, with fairy lights lining the roof and roses and petals littered throughout the entire back seat.
"Luke, this is beautiful" I laugh in amazement.
"I knew you secretly loved this kind of stuff" He smirks, pulling me down next to him. "Just wait until you see what else I have planned for us this evening"

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