The little camping trip was over and done with and I was thrown back into the utter bore that is reality. I was back at work, behind this cash register, and for the first time in the 2 and a half years I have worked here, I wanted so badly to go home. I still had another two hours left of my shift though, so I wasn't escaping anytime soon. It was weird for me to loathe being here, the place I had branded as one of my few escapes. Maybe it was because I had had about 3 customers in the last 6 hours and one of them showed up just as my lunch break was about to start, leaving me with an indecisive customer that cost me over half of my hour-long break, leaving me 20 minutes to quickly go and get something for lunch ad came back with nothing but a bottle of water, as I wasn't even that hungry.
I heard a ding and jumped to attention, putting my empty drink bottle into the garbage bin.
I looked to the front door and a large, bearded man walked in. He looked dangerous. Extremely dangerous. And that's what made it such a shock when he opened his mouth. I was expecting him to ask me for Metallica's album or something, but no.
"Excuse me, uh, where are the ABBA albums?" He asked in a voice so gentle I could've mistaken it for a 6-year-old boy.
"Come with me" I squeaked, still not over the initial shock of what just happened. This huge man, that looked to be in his 40's, with tattooed arms and a leather jacket, a bandana around his head, he could've passed as someone in a bikie gang and here he is, looking for ABBA. "Is this for your wife?" I ask, half out of curiosity and also because I felt extremely awkward and needed to fill the silence.
"No, for me" He chuckles, and I laugh, but I'm still wondering if maybe I missed the sarcasm in his voice because I didn't hear it. I think he's serious.
I stand in front of the A section and point out ABBA to him and he smiles at me kindly, thanking me. I go back behind the register and wait for him, giving him his receipt and change when he brings up 3 albums to me.
"Thanks, love" He grins, nodding at me before walking out the door. I hear a motorcycle start and speed off, catching a glimpse of him through the front door, and I can't help but laugh loudly at what just happened. Oh, how I love Australia.
"Business a tad slower than usual?" A voice says from the front door and I snap my head up.
"Oh hey Luke" I smile at him and he walks up to me.
"You'll never guess what happened" I laugh, thinking about it again.
"Did you see that guy that just left the shop on his motorcycle?"
"The huge-ass one with the beard?" Luke asks and I nod, laughing harder.
"He just came in and bought 3 ABBA albums for himself" I wheeze, hardly even getting the words out from laughing so hard. I'm not even sure why I was laughing this hard, it just amused me so much. But I felt less crazy when Luke joined me.
"Oh wow" He gasps, holding his stomach.
"Yeah, so, what brings you here today?"
"Everyone else is out doing stuff and I was bored so I came to say hi" Luke says with a smile.
"Hey. Do you have any guitars in this place?" He asks me.
"Yeah, in the back room. Don't break everything" I warn him, before grabbing the keys to the room and putting them in his hand. I push him off the counter and he stumbles a bit before sauntering off to the little room and coming back out with a guitar and a stool. He puts the lanyard with the keys connected to it around his neck before putting the stool down in the middle of the shop and sitting down with his back to me. He strums the guitar a few times and tunes it, before spinning around to face me an he clears his throat.
"Oh Katie, my matey, she is a nutter. I'm pretty sure she hates me more than vegans hate butter. But Kate, my mate, is just jealous of me, and the fact that I can stand up while I pee." He sings, strumming along to his little song. "Katie has brown hair and big blue eyes. She has lovely tanned skin and her arse is nice"
"Sorry" He smirks before continuing his song. "My name is Luke, and I'm pretty hot. But my poor friend Katie, unfortunately, is not. I'm so much better and prettier than her. She is a poo and I'm Miranda Kerr. I have great hair and I'm more punk rock. Katie, oh Katie, sucks big, black cock"
He finishes his song and I am running for him in less than a second.
"Uh-oh" Luke mutters, jumping up from the stool and running away with the guitar in hand. He dodges me and goes straight for the back room, shutting it behind himself and locking the door. I scream at him to let me in but he doesn't comply and I finally give up when he begins strumming again, his voice streaming through the speakers of the shop. He must have found the PA system that we use to play music through. Shit.
"Oh Katie, oh Katie! She loves to eat dick. Watch out fellas, better hide your stick! When Kate comes to town, her jaws open wide, she won't hesitate to put your penis inside! Oh Katie, poor Katie, she wishes she was me. I'm the cats pyjamas and the bees knees. Katie, big Katie, won't miss a beat. If you whip it out, she'll engulf your meat!" He sings and his laughter takes over the speakers, able to be heard in every corner of the shop and I'm thankful for the lack of customers today.
"I'm serious. That song could earn us millions- no- billions of dollars. I can see it now. 'Katie Eats Dick' By 5 Seconds Of Summer tops charts in ever country of the world, including Zimbabwe" Luke says dramatically, his hands moving around all over the place. My shift was over and somehow I made out alive, and even more astonishing, he did too. Luke begged me to come back to his place after I finished work and I figured I might as well. I knew Chloe would be here and I wouldn't mind seeing all the guys again, it was better than sitting at home alone. So, I followed him on the drive back and he's been telling me the whole way from the front door of the complex, and all of the 4-floor elevator ride (the elevator had finally been repaired), about how his little song that I somehow inspired was going to get him famous.
"Who eats dick?" Ashton asks as soon as we step inside.
"Katie" Luke informs him and I slap his arm.
"Oh, fair enough then" Ashton shrugs and goes back to reading his comic book.
"Who's dick are you eating!?" Chloe's voice shouts, and seconds later she's sprinting straight at me. I dodge her last second and she goes flying through the open door, just stopping before she hits the wall of the hallway. "Not funny"
"No ones dick, and yes it was" I laugh and she huffs as she slams the door shut behind her when she returns to the living room of the boys' apartment.
"How was work?" She asks me, hugging me tightly.
"Alright, until this little shit showed up" I roll my eyes, tilting my head towards the innocent-looking blonde boy that was using his teeth to play with his black lip ring.
"We had fun" He laughs, winking at me. "Where's C to the Alum?" Luke asks Ashton.
"Getting pizza" The curly haired boy answers, not looking up from his comic that I recognise as the avengers.
"It's 3 o'clock?" I say, raising my brow and suddenly Michaels voice booms through the apartment, coming from his bedroom I assume.
"EVERY O'CLOCK IS PIZZA O'CLOCK" he yells and I nod my head.
"Right. Of course it is"
"Pizza is here!" Calum shouts and Luke spins around to open the door urgently, letting him in.
"PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!" Michael chants, finally coming out from hibernation almost as fast as when he hears the words 'girls' and 'naked' in the same sentence, which usually results in him receiving a slap over the head from Chloe.
Calum sets the pizzas down on the coffee table in the middle of the lounge room and the boys jump in like aggressive animals trying to get the most off of a carcass.
Michael comes out first with 4 slices of pizza on a plate and one in his hand that he gives to Chloe, kissing her nose quickly.
The rest of the boys clear away and the 4 boxes of pizza are left open, various slices all over the place.
"You going to have some?" Luke asks me before taking a big bite out of some pepperoni pizza.
"No, I'm not hungry" I smile politely and he shrugs before walking over and sitting next to Ashton on the lounge.
I look up to see Chloe staring at me with an accusing look and I quickly look away. Seconds later, her hand is on my arm and she's dragging me towards the balcony, telling Michael she will be back in a minute.
"You. Sit" She says, pushing me down onto a chair and she stands in front of me. "Now, I know you didn't have any breakfast, knowing you, you probably only had a bottle of water for lunch and you just turned down pizza. I haven't seen you eat in a couple days, Katie. Don't fall back into this again, you just got better!" Her voice is stern when she starts, but by the end it cracks, and I feel horrible for dragging her down with me.
"I just haven't been hungry" I shrug, my voice quiet as I avoid her gaze.
"Are you stressed? Upset about something? Talk to me, Kate" Chloe pleads and I can't find the strength to even talk and after a minute of me being silent, she pulls me up into her arms and I choke out a sob, but of course, no tears fall. "I just don't want your disorder to come back" She whispers and I can tell she's crying. The wetness on my shoulder is a bit of a giveaway.
I don't even know what so say, because I'm not even sure anymore. So I just let her hold me.

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