"Your hair reminds me of a possum" Luke saws, pulling his jeans up his legs as I brush out my brown hair.
"Because it's all furry and poofy" He says, walking over and poking my hair. "Hello little possum, you little cutie" He coos, making faces at my hair and I push him away.
"Put a shirt on" I sigh, and he laughs, grabbing the white shirt Calum had given him. "Hmm, white probably isn't a good idea. You never know what you might get on you" I tell him and he sighs, pulling off his shirt and replacing it with a black tank top.
"This good?"
"Perfect Hey, didn't you wear that the first night we met?" I ask, the writing on the front looking familiar. The more I looked at the skeleton hand in the middle, the clearer the memory became.
"Wow, I didn't think you even took any notice of me that night"
"Oh trust me, even back then I thought you were very hot. Sure, I thought I hated you, but I was still very attracted to you" I laugh, grabbing my hair straightener. I never did my hair myself, usually Chloe did it after trying to convince me for an hour. But tonight was a special occasion. I wanted to look good for my beautiful boyfriend on his birthday.
"Good to know?" Luke smirks, and I wink at him, beginning to curl my hair as he stands next to me, puffing his hair up with a hair dryer so he can create his signature coif.
"Are you excited to finally not have to be designated driver?" I ask.
"Fuck yeah" He says and I laugh, almost burning myself. "I'm 18 now, baby" He says, swirling his hips around.
"You're still an adorable little child to me"
"No I'm not, I'm punk rock"
"Whatever you say, Lukey poo" I giggle and he groans, opening his mouth and putting the blow dryer in front of it, making random noises as the air is pushed into his face. "I'm punk rock" I say, doing a horrible impersonation of Luke's voice.
"Oh, shush you" He says, pushing at my face with his hand and I laugh again, going back to curling my hair and taking a short break from tormenting him. I finish my hair and put on some makeup, before throwing on my black sleeveless dress that goes down to just above my knees. It was a little tighter than I was used to, but like I said, I wanted to look good for Luke.
Speaking of the Devil, the door opens up behind me and he walks in, looking down at his phone.
"Do I look okay?" I ask uncertainly, standing there awkwardly. I had been scrutinising my reflection in front of the mirror for the past ten minutes and I really wasn't sure about all this. I didn't want to look over the top.
His eyes flick up to me, and then back down to his phone and then he turns his whole head toward.
"Fuck, yes you look great" He sighs.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"I'm going to have to keep myself from fucking you all night and wow is that going to be hard" He smirks, and my I sides explode.
"Maybe when we get home I'll put a stop to all the waiting" I say with a shrug, walking over to him and playing with the collar of his shirt. I see him gulp so I lean in closer to him, teasing him as much as I can because I love the way I can make him squirm. "I promise it will be worth it" I whisper, kissing along his jawline and then his lips, pulling away when I feel his tongue against my lips.
"You're such a tease" He whines and I wink, grabbing my bag and my phone from the bed before walking out, hearing him sigh behind me.
"Let's go!" Ashton says, opening the door and all 6 of us file out of their apartment, walking down to their van. I get in the drivers side, and wait for everyone to get inside before speeding off towards the club.
It didn't look too busy when we turned up and I was glad, as I parked the car and everyone got out.
Luke caught up with me and put his hand in mine as we walked to the doors, showing our I.D before walking in and Luke and I head straight to the bar. I was planning on drinking just as much as he was, and I couldn't wait for the night ahead.

Luke and I had a fair few drinks before we went out to the dance floor. "Happy Birthday, baby" I say into his ear, yelling a little so he could hear me. He just grins and puts his hands on my face, kissing me so gently that I almost melt.
We continue to dance, our moves ridiculous and nothing like all the other grinding people in the club, but we didn't care because we were having fun and laughing at each other as we did the worst dance moves we could possibly do. I decided it was time for more drinks when Luke began doing the robot.
"You look really lovely tonight" Luke yells and I blush, glad for the colourful flashing lights that will hopefully make my scarlet cheeks less obvious.
"Thank you. Are you enjoying yourself?" I ask and he nods with a huge grin plastered on his face.
"Luke!" Chloe says, approaching us.
"The boys want you over there" She says, pointing to a corner of the room and I look over to see the other three boys dancing together, similar to what Luke and I were doing but they were being far more crazy. "I'll look after Kate, don't worry. I've been doing it for years"
Luke nods and kisses my cheek before making his way through the crowd to the boys. I watch the smiles on their faces grow as he comes closer, and it looks like they are all cheering when he reaches them and I laugh, sipping on my drink.
I continue to watch them, and they simultaneously do the sprinkler, almost hitting all the people around them but they don't seem to care, they just continue to dance like crazy people. But I guess that's exactly what they are. Just a bunch of crazy kids living together because they all have the same outrageous dream that just might come true one day, and I hope to God it does because it would be the most amazing thing if it did.

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