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"We're on stage 3 of lovers now. Only two more until our kitchen-banging stage" Luke says, playing with my fingers and I roll my eyes at him.

I had my appointment with the therapist today, so I was a bit restless, and with just under a week until Luke's birthday, he couldn't contain his excitement, so we just stayed up and talked all night.

It was about 4am now, and the sun would soon be rising, and we still hadn't slept. But that didn't matter, because when you're laying next to the person you love most in the world, sleep feels absolutely pointless. Why would you waste time where you could be talking to them to simply sleep if you couldn't even keep your eyes closed anyway.

We were both overtired, so we were coming out with some pretty weird stuff, and laughing at anything and everything because everything is funny at 4am. But that didn't matter, because we were having fun. We were enjoying ourselves and our great company, and it was just so lovely.

"Are you going out on your birthday?" I ask Luke.

"I think I might throw a party, and then go out with the boys and you and Chlo" Luke says.

"Sounds good in da hood. The Calum Hood" I say, cracking myself up and he laughs, too.

"Your fingers are so weird. They're so long and skinny. They're like cute little aliens"

"You're a cute little alien"

"We can be cute little aliens together" And then he leant over and kissed me and that's the story of how we ended up having sex at 4:30 in the morning.






"Happy Birthday" I say to Luke on his 'big day' that had finally rolled around.

"Oh my God! I'm 18!" He yells, jumping out of bed and running away with so much enthusiasm even though he had only just woken up.

"Michael! I'm 18!" I hear him yell.

"Fuck off!" I hear Michael say and I hear Chloe say a sleepy Happy Birthday. I step out of bed and throw on Luke's thick black hoodie to defend me from the coldness of the middle of winter.

"Ashton I'm 18 can you believe it!?" He yells into the darkness of the eldest boys room.

"That's great, buddy" Ashton mutters and I watch as he runs into Calum's room.


"Luke! You're 18!" Calum exclaims, and I look through Calum's open door to see them jumping up and down in a circle, holding hands.

"Luke! No one cares!" Michael yells, and I can hear Chloe scold him as I sit there and just watch the pure glee on Luke's face as he dances with Calum.

"You're an adult!" Calum shouts, and Luke nods vigorously, a huge grin on his face and it makes one spread on mine, too.

"Now I can do cool adult things like go to R rated movies and buy alcohol" He laughs giddily. While they celebrate, I get to work on decorating the place. I made a deal with Calum last night that he would distract Luke while I set everything up, because we both knew exactly how Luke would act today.

So I unpacked all the streamers and everything from the bag I hid them in, and began my huge job.

I blew up black and white balloons, connecting them to blue and black streamers and stringing them all around the room, connecting them to whatever I could. Then I blew up some more balloons and threw them around the place, and I was feeling a little light-headed from blowing them all up so quickly but I persevered because I only had as much time as Calum could buy me. I put up a big Happy Birthday sign on one of the walls, and put a huge ass picture of derpy Luke, that I got specially printed just for today (it will probably end up in someone's room, though), next to it.

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