I pulled up to their complex and rushed inside, up the stairs and down the hallway until I reached their door, sliding to a halt and almost tripping over before bashing on the door a little too enthusiastically. When I got no answer, I became a little worried. I tried to open it but it was locked so I quickly texted Chloe, my hands shaking. There were a fair few typos but I'm sure she will be able to get the general message. In please when I get a text back from her, telling me where the spare key is. So I find the clever hiding spot and grab the key, fumbling it in the lock until I was finally inside, the door swinging open. I don't know why I was in such a rush to see her, I just had a feeling that I needed to get here quickly. Plus, I was really excited to see her. I needed to make sure shes ok.

"Katie?" I called into the apartment. I could tell she was here. Her wallet, keys and phone were sitting on the kitchen counter as I walked in and her shoes were sat by the door neatly, so it was obvious she hadn't gone anywhere.

I was worried when I heard no answer so I decided to search for her instead. I checked her bedroom, the kitchen, the lounge room, Chloe's room and even the linen closet but I couldn't find her anywhere. All I had found was a weird blue and pink box on the coffee table with a toy fire truck sitting on top of it. I headed towards the bathroom, the only place I hadn't checked, and the door was ajar. I pushed it open and almost collapsed at the sight before me. Katie was laying there, blood seemingly everywhere and a pile of white pills in her palm. I swear I've never felt so relieved as I did when I saw her chest move up and down. She was still alive. "Katie!" I yelled but she didn't even flinch. She just sat there, staring at the pills in her hand. I quickly moved to her, dropping to my knees next I her and I smacked the tablets out of her hand before grabbing her face in my hands, trying to bring her back to reality.

Her eyes looked so empty it was almost scary. I had never in my life seen someone look so upset and so completely done with everything.

"Oh God, Katie what did you do?" I mutter, looking at the source of the blood. All down both of her her arms, from her elbow down to her wrist, were deep gashes, still bleeding slightly. Her thighs were the same as she sat there in nothing but an extremely oversized t-shirt and some underwear. Her legs were still bleeding a bit also, absolutely covered in angry cuts that disappeared under her shirt. I inched it up slightly to reveal the cuts continued over her hips and onto her stomach.

"Katie, I need to get you to a hospital" I tell her and she hardly makes a movement, her breathing the only response I get. I grab two towels and wrap one around her legs and the other around her arms tightly before carefully picking her up and rushing out the door, locking it behind me.

"Don't tell Chloe" Katie whispers and I hardly even hear her.

"I need to. She has to know" I sigh, going to the elevator instead of the stairs. The stairs will be far too jumpy for Katie.

"No. She'll panic and I don't want her getting hurt" Katie pleads, her voice so week.

"Ok. Katie, did you take any of those pills?" I ask her and she just shakes her head, the elevator doors opening to reveal an empty carriage and I'm glad we won't have to share it with anyone.

"It's going to be ok" I assure her, and the elevator finally stops and I rush out of the complex and into the van, laying her across the back seat. I grab a jacket from the floor that must belong to one of the boys and I pull her up, carefully putting it over her arms and zipping it up. I manage to put a seatbelt on her, although it doesn't look like it will do much for her if we do crash. I kiss her forehead and then jump into the drivers seat, fumbling with my seatbelt and my keys. I'm so focused on driving, I hardly hear her fragile voice from behind me.

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