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The 2 hour drive was over and I had reached the town I grew up in. I had lived here, before everything went to shit and we moved to a different place not too far from here. This place was nothing but good memories that I sorely missed. I watched Luke's face go from intrigued to confused in seconds as I pulled up to the cemetery and parked the car.
"Is this why you bought this?" He asks, pointing to the small blue teddy bear and balloon in his lap that I had picked up on the way here.
"Come and meet Jye" I said in answer, turning off the car and stepping out. I hugged my coat tighter to my body, the air slightly cool and the wind not helping with cold temperature.
Luke wrapped his hand in mine and my body tensed, which he obviously noticed because he squeezed my hand gently, letting me know it was okay. My body relaxed and I pulled him along behind me, only just remembering where my brother had been laid to rest.
We found his grave and I sat down beside it, crossing my legs.
"You can sit down too, if you want" I tell him and he sits down, crossing his legs too. I take the bear and the balloon from Luke's hands and carefully sit them against Jye's tombstone.
"He was only 7?" Luke asks, obviously reading the dates on the stone, and I nod.
"Leukaemia" I muttered and Luke's hand darted out to mine, squeezing it once again. "I was 9"
I hadn't been here in a while. I was always making up excuses as to why I couldn't come visit him and I felt absolutely horrible about it, but it was only because I just couldn't bring myself to face him. Now that I had Luke beside me, though, it was just that little bit easier.
"I miss you so much" I whisper, running my fingers over his name. Jye Thomas West is engraved in big letters, the dates that sum up his life sitting right underneath it. It's such a small gap between the two numbers and its hard to believe that his life was so short. I still find it hard to grasp the information properly.
"He's the same age as me" Luke points out.
"I'd like to think you two would get along quite well" I tell Luke, smiling at him sadly.
"If he's amazing as you are, I'm sure we would have"
Luke and I sit there for a while, just staring at the ground my little brother is buried under.
"The family really fell apart when you left. I guess you were like the glue that held us all together. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and I'm so sorry I didn't come and visit you earlier. I just didn't have the strength to but now Luke is here with me. He wanted to meet you, so I brought him here. I know you wouldn't mind, you were always so kind.
'You'll always be my little brother. I tried to come see you properly the other day but Luke stopped me before I could and I am glad that he did. I will be there with you one day, I promise. Not for a while, though. Don't forget about me, Jye, because I sure as hell will never forget about you"
Luke's P.O.V:

I felt like I was understanding Katie more and more with each day that went by. She was opening up to me and I was so happy that she was allowing me to join her in the world inside her head. I felt so horrible when we showed up to the cemetery. I sure did not expect it and my heart was heavy with sadness for the blue-eyed girl as she stared at her brother's grave. It was clear she had so much more to say but, for some reason, she kept her mouth closed and let it stay inside of her. I can't help but feel like she only did that because I was sitting there, next to her.
I could tell just by the way she acted, the way she spoke, that she missed and loved her brother more than anything and I wanted to hold her and kiss away the millions of thoughts that must've been facing through her mind at lightning speed, but I couldn't. And it hurt. A lot.
I watched her as she drove. She looked so focused on the road, her hands gripping the wheel and eyes straight ahead, not wandering to the places around her for even a second.
I couldn't help but notice how different she is to Chloe.
The blonde was always talking and singing along to the radio, looking all over the place and hardly at the road. She would be easily distracted by the smallest things and it was a wonder she had never ventured off of the road before. Chloe was so open, I knew almost everything about her within the first week of meeting her.
I knew she worked at some fashion outlet I'd forgotten the name of, and her favourite colour is purple. Her favourite band is Pierce The Veil and she would undoubtedly nail Kellin Quinn if given the opportunity. I'd have to agree on that one too, though. Chloe's dad is a police officer and her mum is a lawyer and she is an only child. She had a dog when she was 5 named Tilly but it ran away when Chloe was 8. I could probably recite her life story if you asked me too.
But with Katie, I didn't even know her middle name.
"What's your middle name?" I ask, feeling stupid for not knowing. After all, she knew mine.
"Uh, Elizabeth, why?" She asks, only looking at me for a split second.
"Just wondering. That's funny, Katie and West are really short and then Elizabeth is really long" I laugh.
"Well, my proper name is actually Kaitlin, but I can not stand it. It holds too much negativity for me, so I don't usually tell people that. If you ever call me that, I will personally castrate you with a rusty butter knife and then feed your balls to a llama" She threatens and my face cracks into a smile.
"I won't" I promise her and she thanks me. "Who are Lauren and Joe?" I ask and she visibly stiffens, her grip on the steering wheel tightening so much that her knuckles go white.
"My parents, I guess" She says, trying to say it off-handedly but the venom in her voice still makes a vivid appearance.
"Oh" is all I say, because I'm not sure what else I can do.
"Look, Luke I know you must be so confused right now about everything, but maybe one day I will be able to tell you, ok. Just, until then, please try to bear with me. I don't want to lose you, you're way too important to me" She says, finally looking away from the road. It's only for a few seconds but I still see the sadness and the pleading behind her big, blue eyes and I'm nodding before I even know what I'm doing.
"Always" The word tumbles from my lips automatically, my mind speaking for me, making decisions I didn't even know had to be made. But I'm okay with that, because I'm pretty sure it made the right choice.
"Thank you" She whispers and I turn up the radio. "I can't believe Jesus died for this shit" She mutters as the club music fills the car, not a trace of a proper instrument in sight. Nothing but computers and auto-tune.
I take one look at her and can't help but laugh at the disgusted face she makes as she says the words. My laugh covers the horrid sound of the 'music' and a smile takes over the sour expression that once graced Kate's beautiful features.
I plug my phone into the car with an auxiliary chord and I put on Lawnmower by City Lights.
"Will you sing it for me now?" I ask, referring to the first night we met when she refuse to even open her mouth in the car. She looks over at me and gives me an indecisive look and I smile at her, trying to convince her a little bit more. She sighs and joins in when the chorus comes, but I know she isn't singing properly. The horrible noises coming from her mouth are nothing like the ones I heard earlier today when she was ironing her clothes. She's singing badly on purpose and I join her, as we laugh and yell along with the song, and its moments like this when she looks truly happy, that I remember why I'm trying so hard to figure her out.


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