"You're birthday is this month" I tell Luke, as if he didn't already know that. We were on the couch at his place, watching Anchorman and I was playing with his fingers, like usual.

"I know" He says, smiling, but only faintly. He looks like something is bothering him.

"What are you thinking about?" I ask, changing my position so I was facing him.

"I just miss my family, is all" He shrugs, acting like it's no big deal but I can see straight through him.

"You should ring them, or something" I suggest.

"You know, I've been considering that. I am way too nervous" He sighs.

"How about we go back to their house. You and I. You can see them again, and I'll be right there, next to you. You'll have the entire car trip there to talk yourself into doing it" I offer and he thinks for a minute. "It's only 12:00"

"I better go pack my bags then, bub" He smiles, and it finally looks genuine. He presses a kiss to my lips and I smile into it, then he jumps to his feet and walks into his room, flashing a smile at me on his way.

I watch the rest of the movie, not really being able to concentrate because of thoughts of Luke that keep crawling back. But I don't mind, it's far better than the things that used to run around inside my head.

"Ready?" He asks, coming out with his bag in one hand, and mine in the other.

"Are you?" I ask him and he shrugs.

"Not really, but oh well" He purses his lips and puts our bags down on the floor, just as Calum walks in.

"Woah, where are you guys going?" He asks, raising his eyebrows.

"I'm gonna go home. Like, home home. Just to see if they want me yet" Luke says sadly and I resist the urge to get up and hug him, because Calum does instead.

"Good luck man, I'm sure it'll be fine" Calum mumbles into their tight embrace.

"Thanks, Cal" Luke sighs, and they let go of each other. "Say bye to everyone for me"

"Sure thing, burger ring" Calum says, cracking a smile in an obvious attempt to lighten his best friends mood, and he succeeds, a smile breaking onto Luke's face.

"Bye" I say, and Calum gives me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek before I grab my bag and Luke grabs his, and we walk towards their door. I hold my hand out for Luke and he takes it in his, so I squeeze lightly, letting him know that I was there for him.

"This is gonna be one hell of a weekend" He huffs, and I reach up to kiss his cheek to try and calm his obvious nerves.





"Here we are. Home sweet home" Luke groans, hitting his head on the steering wheel of the van. We had pulled up out the front of a white, two-storey house with a cute garden lining the footpath.

"Hey, it'll be fine. Just, be yourself, show them what they've been missing. Okay? You'll be fine, don't overthink it" I try to reassure him, and I squeeze his hand for what feels like the 20th time, and I pull his lips onto mine, and they linger for a minute, and Luke sighs, squeezing his eyes shut.

"God, you're perfect" He whispers, and I peck his lips once again.

"Come on, don't psych yourself out" I tell him, and I pat his shoulder before jumping out of the car, and he does the same. His sweaty hand grabs onto my smaller one, clinging onto it for dear life, and his face is slightly paler than usual, and his legs shake while he walks but I don't call him out on it. I just let him hold onto me, pressing a kiss to his shoulder when he reaches up to knock on the door. But he stops.

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