Chapter Twenty-Eight - The End

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They all found themselves back into the routine of university, going to lectures and the whole exam week seemed to be behind everyone.

Harry had gone back to his early Monday mornings with Louis, Liam and Zayn on the bus. He spent Tuesdays either in the library with Louis or hanging around his house. Louis would come over Wednesday evenings and stay over and they'd take the bus in early together. 

Thursday afternoons Louis had training for the football match after easter and Harry would go and watch him play and go back to his and then stay and take the bus early the next morning.

Nick said as Harry gushed about watching Louis' practices that he was too domestic with Louis already, but Harry thought they were at a perfect place in their relationship. 

They'd planned out their whole easter break together already and Nick had teased him mercifully the Friday before the easter break because Harry was excitedly telling him the plan between songs.

Louis would come back to Harrys with him and spend a few days with him, meet his mum and his sister and then the remainder of the easter break they'd go to Louis' house and spend time with his siblings and Harry was so looking forward to it he'd barely been able to sit still.

It was Saturday morning and Harry had already packed his car up and had driven around to Louis' to pick him up. He practically bounded up the stairs to the front door and he walked into the house.

"Lou," He called out and heard Steve in the kitchen call out,

"Upstairs." So Harry bounded up the stairs and walked into Louis' rooms thinking back to the last holidays. Where they'd spoken every day but hadn't been together. This was completely different and Harry was so excited for the new step in their relationship.

He knocked on Louis' door and Louis opened it with an armful of clothes, half of which appeared to be Harrys anyway.

"I'll get your toothbrush," Harry said laughing as Louis dropped his things into a pile on the top of his suitcase. He'd not got any more organised despite Harry trying to help him. It was just a part of him and Harry loved him even more for it if possible.

He walked through to the bathroom and packed up Louis' wash bag and walked back to his room and walked up behind Louis wrapping his arms around him.

"Hey love." He said and Louis sighed relaxing into him.

"Hey," He said. "Should I like, wear something fancier? I don't know if I should meet your mum In my sweatpants."

"Wear what you like, you'll have time to change if you want at mine anyway, mum's finishing work at five so we've got time before she's home." He said kissing the side of Louis' head. "I love how you're nervous."

"It's your mum, I've got to make a good impression." He said turning around in his arms and smiling at him.

"She'll love you as much as I do." Harry grinned leaning down to kiss him.

"I think I'm more nervous about meeting your sister and the cats." He hummed and Harry snorted, shaking his head and he kissed Louis again.

"They're all really excited to meet you," Harry said and Louis breathed out and smiled his fingers moving beneath Harrys jumper.

"When are we leaving?" He asked and Harry turned to look at Louis' clock.

"I'm quite early, we don't need to leave until two." He said, "I thought you'd need some help packing."

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