Chapter Nine - The Football Pitch

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Harry was awoken by both Perrie and Jade jumping on his back while he slept and he woke up, his face in his pillow as he groaned as they jumped up and down. It wasn't the first time they pounced on him when he was sleeping and he'd actually managed to perfect sleeping even with their onslaught.

Today apparently they weren't going to let up and even though he kept his eyes closed and didn't move they kept prodding him and shaking him. He finally let out a low groan and opened one eye.

"What?" He asked, his voice muffled into his pillow. His bed was warm and would probably be very comfortable if he wasn't being attacked right now.

"Wake up, wake up." Jade sang out and Harry groaned again turning his face to face the wall as he closed his eyes, he wasn't getting up without a valid reason.

"You're going to want to wake up this time," Perrie said and she stopped poking at him to just roll over and next to him on the bed smiling a knowing smile at him. Harry, who'd opened one eye again slowly opened the other. He room was still rather dark since his curtains were closed and so getting used to having his eyes open wasn't too bad.

"Why?" He asked her, curiosity winning out as Jade lay over him smiling too, Harry was getting increasingly worried because they were looking way too cheerful for early morning.

"So, Niall was just on the uni Facebook page right." Perrie said and Harry hummed and nodded, not any nearer to knowing what the hell they were going to.

"There's a charity football match today," Jade continued and Harry nodded, he knew that.

"Yeah, Nick and I were talking about it on the show yesterday." Harry said slowly and he blinked a couple of times to wake himself up. He still wasn't much closer to knowing what they were on about.

"We don't listen to your show." Perrie said, "It's on way too early."

"Thanks," Harry said rolling his eyes, Perrie smiled and patted his face slightly and Harry scrunched up his nose. "So the football match?"

"Yeah, the post on Facebook was quite cool actually. We're definitely going." Perrie said nodding and Harry frowned, they'd never showed any interest in football before in their lives and he was just getting more and more confused.

"Why?" He asked.

"Jade, if you will." Perrie said turning onto her back and grinning at Jade who handed over her phone. Harry still felt lost and he took Jades phone as she handed it to him. He let his eyes focus on the bright screen and read the post on the page. Perrie and Jade were watching him expectantly their weird and rather creepy smiled back.

'Come on down to the University's football pitch on Saturday the 28th of October to help raise money for Charity. A few students have volunteered to play a match and kick off will be at 11am. Each ticket is £5 at the field, so bring a friend and come along. Food and drinks are available! '

Harry was no better off with this information until he looked at the Photo beneath the text, it was of the volunteer players, split into two teams and his eyes found him immediately. He was wearing a red football shirt and smiling at the camera.

"No," Harry breathed looking up at Perrie and then Jade who were both still grinning smugly at him, he now understood their expression and looked back down to the photo.

"We're going to watch your boy get hot and sweaty playing with balls." Perrie said, and Harry pushed his duvet into her face. That's the last thing he needed to think about right now. He looked back down at the picture and smiled, Ankles-or Lou - was obviously on his tiptoes stood between two much taller people. Harrys heart warmed slightly and he slowly handed Jade her phone back, trying to look at the photo as long as possible.

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