Chapter Seventeen - The Coffee Shop

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When Harry woke up the next day to his alarm, he got ready as quiet as possible, he didn't want the others to get wind of his date with Louis because he didn't want another moment like the day before happening.

He had a shower and got dressed into his jeans and one of his jumpers, he ran his hands through his hair and as twelve came around he crept downstairs listening around him to make sure the others weren't aware he was leaving.

He crept out of the front door and breathed when the door closed quietly. He walked down the drive and sat on the wall at the end of it waiting for Louis to come. He wasn't waiting long before he spotted Louis walking along looking behind him.

He was in his skinny jeans again, and to Harrys pleasure he was wearing the jumper he'd taken from Harry. It looked so good on him Harry was almost too entranced to move from the wall. but he did, and jumped off the wall. The noise seemed to startle Louis who turned quickly and seemed to slump with relief when he saw it was Harry.

"Hey love," He said smiling as Harry walked over to him and wrapped his arms around him. Louis returned the hug and seemed to smile widely.

"Where are we going? He asked into Louis' hair.

"Well I've found this cute little coffee shop down the road, thought we could walk there." Louis said and Harry smiled and nodded as they parted. Louis then took his hand and they walked to the park.

Louis was looking around him cautiously as they walked through the park and as he turned back to Harry, it suddenly occurred to Harry why Louis was being so cautious and looking around so much. He grinned and knocked into Louis shoulder watching Louis' eyebrow rise slightly.

"I didn't tell them I was going out today," He said, he saw Louis' shoulders relax immediately and Harry laughed.

"Can you believe they were all there?" Louis asked him and Harry shook his head with a chuckle, in a way yes, he could. But he was also horrified they had.

"Yes," He said, "They've done it all before."

"Followed you on dates?" Louis asked, a flicker of what appeared to be jealousy fleeting over him and Harry smirked but decided to put Louis out of his sudden influx of thoughts.

"Not to me, no." He said. "Perrie and Niall usually follow Jade about on her dates, at least they did on first year. Then Niall and Jade did it to Perrie. They never usually got Ashton or me involved. Mainly because I was too clumsy i'd ruin the whole staying out of the way thing."

"True," Louis laughed and he looked a lot more relaxed now.

"I hid my bag and laptop so if they see i'm out they'll assume i'm at the library and they've been avoiding it since, well you saw," Harry chuckled.

"I'm honestly still surprised with Liam and Zayn though," Louis said, "I was expecting them to be there when I got home, but not to have actually gone to the fayre."

"At least we didn't know they were there at the time though."

"We'd have had to have lost them somehow." Louis said looking over his shoulder again and Harry smiled shaking his head fondly at Louis, "Now I feel paranoid."

"We're good." Harry said. "I could hear Niall and Perrie snoring when I left."

"I left Zayn spray painting and when he gets into that he can be lost in it for days." Louis said smiling. Harry wrapped an arm around Louis' shoulders pulling him in closer as they continued walking along the road. "Anyway, for extra precaution, I thought we could go to this one I said about, none of us have been there so it's harder to stalk us there."

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