Chapter Twenty-Three - The Birthday

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When Harry and his friends arrived at the club for Zayns birthday celebration, it was already extremely crowded even outside the club and Harry was quick to grip Perries arm so he wouldn't get lost. She snickered but didn't say anything as they joined the queue to get in.

"Now don't spend the whole night snogging your boyfriend, you have friends too." Perrie said to him and Harry gave her an affronted look.

"We don't snog in front of you guys. We're very considerate of PDA." Harry said and she smiled putting her arm around him.

"I know," she chuckled. "I'm messing with you. But we don't know how you'll be when you're drunk together."

"We may need to stop them having sex on the dance floor." Jade said nodding while looking serious but the small curve to her lip gave the joke away.

"We've drunk together before and controlled ourselves." Harry said smiling.

"As boyfriends though?" Perrie raised an eyebrow suggestively and Harry looked up at the dark sky for a second as he breathed out smile still on his face.

"Well. no. Maybe you're right. One look at him and I'll be jumping straight onto his dick in the middle of the place. Wouldn't it be so romantic if our first time together was in front of everyone!"

"Maybe that's what you're into." Niall whispered loudly to the others.

"So, keep your dick in your pants until you're home." Perrie said  pulling him along as they moved up the queue.

"Or in the bathroom." chimed in Ashton and Harry laughed and shook his head slowly as everyone began telling him how unhygienic and disgusting that was.

It wasn't too long before they were at the front showing their Ids. They walked into the club, the loud music hitting them as soon as they got inside. Harry could feel the bass vibrating in him and hitting his ear drums hard.

The crowd was dense and he couldn't see anyone, he pulled out his phone to see if he had any messages and did, Louis had told him to meet them at the bar when they arrived.

"They're at the bar." Harry said loudly, shouting over the music playing.

"We didn't come by car," Niall yelled back and Harry stared at him for a moment.

"The bar!" He shouted and realisation seemed to hit Niall as he gave Harry a guilty smile and the five of them turned to make their way through the people dancing towards the bar.

"This place is crazy," Jade shouted taking Harrys other arm as they fought their way up to the bar.

"We need alcohol and fast," Ashton replied loudly looking a little uncomfortable. Harry looked about for Louis, Liam and Zayn as they got to the bar. He saw them leant against it to the far left and Harry directed the others that way.

"Why is everyone out on a Wednesday?" Niall asked sounding put out.

"It's Friday," Harry laughed.

"Oh, well I forgot to go to my lecture today." Niall said giving Harry a guilty sort of grin. Harry shook his head and laughed as they finally reached the others.

"Finally, we were about to send out a search party." Louis said smiling over at them,

"Control yourself Harold," Perrie said sounding serious. "Remember what we said."

"But I want to," Harry said in a fake whine as Perrie snorted.

"Want to what?" Liam asked as they all looked over at them, Harry felt warmth spread up his neck and to his cheeks as Perrie started laughing.

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