Chapter Three - The Bus Stop

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Getting up early in the mornings wasn't too much of a trouble, it was a four day occurrence so getting into a routine wasn't too difficult, but what was hard was staying quiet enough not to wake any of the others. The first day he woke up at six on the Wednesday, he accidentally fell down half the stairs and woke up Niall and Ashton who would usually find him falling hilarious.

Luckily he'd managed to perfect getting ready relatively accident free and so as he left the door on the friday, he cheered to himself at not waking any one up. He made his way to the park burying his hands into his pockets as the brisk morning breeze hit him.

The First day at the studio had been extremely nerve racking but Nick soon helped him calm down and in the end he'd had a lot of fun. People had told him he'd done a great job and so he was quite looking forward to doing it all again this morning.

It was light, but not many people were around so early in the morning and he walked across the park slowly taking in the birds chirping around and the odd jogger as they ran past him. He got to the other side of the park and almost froze.

There, leant against the post of the bus stop was none other than Ankles, in a very large and cosy looking hoodie, his usual jeans cuffed up to show off his ankles with Vans on his feet. Harry gulped and moved towards the bus stop feeling nerves rising through him.

Ankles looked over at him as he moved closer to the bus stop and Harry looked down at the ground as he stopped moving. He was rather grateful when his phone buzzed as it gave him something to actually do rather than stand awkwardly and make a fool of himself. His fingers wrapped around his phone and he pulled it from his pocket freeing his other hand as he did.

Nick had texted him asking him to fetch some coffee on the way in and Harry was quick to call him knowing Nick would have only texted him had he just put on a song to play.

"I'm not doing a coffee run," He said as Nick answered.

"Aw come on Haz, I've been dying for one all morning. I'll even let you choose the first song we play when you come in." He sounded like he was pouting and Harry rolled his eyes before he realised Ankles was looking over at him and he tried to stand casually, and not make a fool of himself like usual.

"Don't try and bribe me," Harry said, "the coffee shop is miles from the radio hut and it's freezing."

"But you like exercising." Nick replied and Harry could hear the smile behind his words, it was true. Harry did like to exercise but it definitely would not be exercise if he was holding a hand full of coffee. He'd be walking as carefully as possible and it wouldn't be fun.

"I'll spill them all over myself Nick," Harry said, lowering his voice so Ankles didn't hear how pathetic he was, by the small smirk to the ground Ankles gave, he'd heard anyway.

"Fine, but I hope you have a nice morning knowing you've ruined mine." Nick replied but there was a joking undertone to it so Harry knew he wasn't bothered at all. He probably knew Harry would cave in and try and get them coffee anyway.

"I think I can live with myself." Harry replied and he heard Nick sigh loudly and very fakely. "We can get one after the broadcast."

"The broadcast i'll fall asleep in," He replied, sounding far to dramatic and Harry chuckled and shook his head, he knew now he really had no choice but to go and he wasn't too put out about it, he just hoped his clothes survived the trip.

"It's cool, people are only tuning in today to listen to me anyway," He heard Nick mutter a short protesting, 'Hey!' but continued, "You're acting like you've been in all night, you've been in an hour." Harry told him and looked over at Ankles who was still watching him while leant against the pole, he looked so easily cool and Harry kind of resented him for that.

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