Chapter Twenty-Two - The Car

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When Harry arrived back to the house it was half eleven and he'd been on the road for about two hours because there had been an accident. Usually it only took him about fifty minutes to get home.

He pulled into the drive relieved to see the house and turned off the engine. The music he'd been listening to cut out with it and he rolled his shoulders to stretch them out a little.

His back was killing him because he'd been hanging over his desk since he got home on New Year's Day night. He'd spent two and a half days almost dead to the world to continue as much revision as possible. The exams started in two weeks and Harry was determined to do well.

He got out of his car and moved around it to grab his bag from the back seat. Once he'd got all he needed he walked up to the house, the door was open so he knew someone had returned.

He could hear someone in the kitchen and so he dropped his bag by the stairs, took off his boots and walked through to the kitchen following the voices.

He knew it wouldn't be Perrie or Jade since Perries car wasn't back yet, and as he walked in he saw Niall at the counter making tea and to his surprise Louis beside him opening a huge bag of Doritos.

They both looked up as he walked in and Louis' face lit up, he was sure his did the same, he hadn't expected to see Louis yet and it was definitely a good surprise.

"Harold my man!" Niall said grinning, Harry walked over to them slowly, smiling as Louis put the bag of crisps down in front of him on the counter.

"Hey," He said. Niall moved to get another mug down and started to make another cup of tea for him. Harry moved over to Louis and he curled his arm around Louis' waist which Louis moved into smiling up at him. He leant down to kiss him briefly, nothing too much because Niall was watching out of the corner of his eye.

"Thought I wouldn't see you until later," he said as Louis moved to lean against the counter and Harry was then pulled to lean back against his chest.

"Yeah then I saw Niall and he invited me over for tea," Louis said smiling as his arms held Harry tightly.

Niall turned to them with the mugs in his hand and he smiled at their position. Harry knew he was relieved they were together.

"And where was my kiss?" Niall asked making kissing faces at them as he walked up beside them and put the mugs down. Harry laughed as Niall leant against the other side sipping his tea and smirking at them.

"I don't much feel like kissing you," Harry said sending him an apologetic look. "Sorry, mate."

"Hey, here's an idea, why don't you get your own boyfriend?" Louis said squeezing Harry slightly as he said it, Harrys chest fluttered at the word boyfriend, it was like the word would always send a small shiver down his spine. Louis was his boyfriend, something he thought would never happen in the two and a half years he'd been at university.

"I try," Niall sighed dramatically putting his hand over his heart, "It's okay, I'll just join in your relationship and then I'll have two."

"No thanks," Harry laughed as he sipped at his tea.

"I don't know, he makes a decent cup of tea," Louis said and Niall whooped.

"I'm in, but little heads up, I don't want anything to do with naked bits, like, I'm not that gay."

"But you're a little bit gay?" Harry asked slowly raising an eyebrow and smirking as Niall laughed.

"Nah, you can keep each other. But I don't want to be forgotten while you two get all loved up. I'm still going to be the best man at your wedding. But since I was involved in this relationship for a minute, I want the first slice of cake."

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