Chapter Thirteen - The House

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As the week drew on, Harry saw more and more Christmas decorations showing up in shops. The local shopping centre had put up its large Christmas tree and given it was only the second week in November Harry was feeling it was all a bit soon.

On Wednesday Harry woke up with his head on his desk where he'd fallen asleep midway through an essay that was due in at the end of the week. It was one of many and his stress levels were through the roof with the amount of work he had to do.

As he looked at his clock he was surprised to see it was half one in the afternoon, although he shouldn't have been since he knew it was at least nine by the time he'd passed out on his desk. He heard laughing coming from outside his room and he slowly stood up from his desk rubbing at his eyes.

He opened the door and saw Perrie sat on the floor in her room with Zayn while Louis lay on the bed looking a little bored. Harry moved over to her room and leant on the door frame, he didn't say anything but his presence was soon discovered.

"He's alive!" Perrie said looking up from the paper, Zayn and Louis looked over too and Harry smiled tiredly at her.

"I'm not really sure I am," He replied, he didn't entirely feel with it and he could probably lay in bed and sleep. Then again he was rather hungry and needed to wake up to not waste any more of the day.

"When did you even go to sleep?" She asked looking a little concerned at him, he knew he looked tired, and his hair that he'd put up in a bun that morning was coming loose, a few curls now out of it in front of his eyes.

"nine, maybe later. It was light outside anyway." He shrugged. "How's the project going."

"Great!" Perrie and Zayn said at the same time while Louis dropped his head against the pillow and muttered,


"We don't need you for a while, so why don't you go entertain yourself with Harry. He looks like he can do with cheering up too." Perrie said looking over at him, Harry wasn't going to complain, he was after all quite Happy to hang with Louis for the rest of the afternoon, it would keep him awake at least.

"I'm free," Harry said and then looked over at Louis only to see he was already getting off the bed and Harry smiled.

"Sure we can find something to do," Louis muttered as he walked past the others, stepping over the paper rolled out on the floor.

"Each other," Zayn muttered only to be pushed over by Louis' foot as he continued to the door, Perrie and Zayn both laughed from the floor and Harry rolled his eyes but he smiled all the same. Louis too seemed to be hiding a smile as he looked down at Zayn sprawled on the floor.

"Come on then Harold, entertain me." Louis said walking past him, Harry smiled and sent Perrie a small wave as he turned around and saw Louis standing in the Hallway as if not sure whether he was to go into Harrys room or downstairs.

"Hungry?" Harry asked him and Louis looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding.

"I could eat."

"Your dick," Perrie called out and Harry turned around to her with his best unimpressed look, She gave a sly smile and he turned back to Louis who was giving her the same look. Harry shook his head and walked to the stairs.

"Need some actual food first," He said and heard Louis splutter behind him, he laughed as he walked down the stairs and heard Louis following him while Perrie and Zayn laughed from her room.

Harry made it into the kitchen feeling rather pleased with himself and moved to the cupboards as Louis leant against the counter watching him.

"You cool with pancakes?" Harry asked looking over his shoulder, Louis looked up having obviously been checking Harry out and he smirked as he turned back to his cupboard.

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