Chapter Nineteen - The Bedroom

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Harry had spent most of the morning getting all the work he needed to take home with him together and saying bye to each of his friends as they left.

He then wrapped up the present he'd bought for Louis and looked at it, he was contemplating going over to his, but wondered if Louis would think him annoying to turn up on his doorstep. He decided he'd bite the bullet and go however because he wanted Louis to open the present on his birthday and not when they got back.

He got changed, grabbed the little present and walked down the stairs and out of the very quiet house. The street was rather void of life and so was the park as he walked across it and onto Louis' house.

He breathed in deeply before making his way up the couple of steps to the front door. He knocked on the knocker and stood waiting. He could hear shouts from within and finally the door opened revealing Liam who smirked at him.

"So you can knock on doors." Zayn said looking out of a door further into the house with a grin and Harry chuckled and shook his head.

"It's Niall that seems to have that problem." He said.

"You after Lou?" Liam asked him and Harry nodded with a smile. "He didn't shut up about you last night."

"Oh?" Harry said trying to hide a smile. Zayn grinned before disappearing back into the room he'd been in before and Liam turned from Harry.

"Lou, Harrys here for you." Liam called out walking into the house to the stairs. He shuffled on his feet, the air cold around him and he saw Louis ankles first as he began his descent down the stairs.

"Thanks mate," Louis said clapping Liam on the back as he passed and coming over to Harry. He smiled at him and grabbed his arm pulling him in and closing the door.

"I um, leave soon but I wanted to bring you this," He handed Louis the present he'd been hiding behind his back, "Wrapped it myself." He muttered as Louis looked from Harry to the little present and back to Harry.

"Harry," He said rather breathlessly, "You didn't have to-"

"I know," Harry cut him off, "Just take it and open it on your birthday,"

Louis took it with a smile and looked back up at Harry, his eyes looking extremely blue in the light from the hallway.

"You free for like, half an hour?" He asked, Harry hesitated for a moment, thinking about anything he may have to do but decided that if he only had underwear over Christmas, it'd be worth it to hang out with Louis instead.

"Yeah for a bit." He nodded and Louis grinned, took his hand and pulled him towards the stairs.

"I'm still packing so ignore the mess," Louis muttered as they walked up the stairs. "I didn't think i'd see you today but i'm glad you came." he looked over at Harry and Harry smiled as he saw the senserity in Louis' eyes and was glad he'd decided to in the end. Louis pulled him to a door which he opened.

He grinned at the room, it was exactly as he expected it to be, there were clothes piling out of a suitcase in the corner, his desk was full of papers and books and there were a couple of pens on the floor. There was a football shirt hung up on the wall and a few marvel characters littered around. There were a couple of football posters up and his bed wasn't made.

Harry moved and sat on Louis' bed as Louis walked over to the suitcase and placed the present on top. He then turned back to Harry who smiled at him.

"I thought you were packing last night?" Harry aked as Louis moved to sit beside him, their thighs pressed together and Harry for once put his hand onto Louis' thigh feeling the muscle beneath his fingertips.

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