Chapter Twenty - The Holidays

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Harry found himself mostly working in his old bedroom or in the living room during the days leading up to Christmas. His mum was working during the day and since Gemma wasn't coming until Christmas eve, Harry found himself rather bored.

He lay on the sofa on the eve of Christmas eve reading through his book of notes with his eyes burning. He was rather tired and bored of notes and wanted nothing more than to throw the book onto the fire beside him.

He sighed and wrapped a blanket around himself. He'd texted his friends and Louis but was trying not to get too distracted, however when his phone buzzed he threw his notebook to the end of the sofa. He'd had enough now and he lay his head back on the head rest as he grabbed his phone.

It was a message from Louis with a picture of him and his older sisters all squashed into the screen smiling at him.

You all look beautiful

He texted back, because it was true, the whole Tomlinson clan were seriously attractive and Harry shook his head with a smile as his phone rang with a facetime call. It wasn't the first time Louis' sisters had called him via FaceTime. Apparently Louis had been talking to them about him which had made him feel giddy.

They seemed to really like him and had been having daily calls with him since. He answered the call and smiled when Daisy and Phoebe were grinning at him, he couldn't tell them apart yet, but he was sure in time it wouldn't be hard for him too. Daisy was definitely the more outgoing so by personality he could tell immediately who was who.

"Hey Harry."

"Hey girls," He replied smiling at them as Louis then looked over their shoulders, "and Lou."

"Did you get much snow?" He asked and Harry looked to the window

"There's a little, but it's not really settled. Did you guys get much?"

"Yeah, We helped Doris and Earnest make little snowmen." One of the twins nodded. "They went pretty crazy."

"Was pretty cute," Louis smiled and looked down off the screen before he smiled and pulled Ernest up to look at the screen too. Harrys heart seemed to melt every time he saw Louis with his baby siblings. They were adorable, well all of them were and Harry kind of wanted to go and meet them all.

"We're not disturbing your revision are we?" Phoebe said, Harry knew it was her because she was the one who seemed to make sure they weren't disturbing anything.

"I think I'm done for the next few days," He laughed, "Any more information and my brain may explode."

"lovely," Daisy laughed before she ducked out of view and a little squeal came through the speaker, Louis looked away from the screen obviously watching Daisy playing with Doris because he smiled.

Ernest then wriggled and Louis put him down to run off to the others.

"I'll leave you and Lou to it," Phoebe smiled speaking quietly before she handed Louis the phone as he stood up from putting Ernest down. He sent her a confused look before smiling back to Harry and obviously walking out of the room.

"Sorry about that, they wanted to see you." Louis said to him and Harry smiled as Louis started walking up the stairs. Harry looked at the stairs and he grinned.

"Wait, wait," He said, "Are those pictures of you when you were little?" He asked grinning. Louis paused and looked at the pictures on the wall and he laughed.

"Yeah," He said walking down one again and turning the phone to show Harry a picture of Louis when he was obviously about seven with his sisters as babies.

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