Chapter Twenty-One - The New Year

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As Harry walked off his train in Sheffield he pulled pulled his bag up his shoulder and looked for the exit into the main building he'd find Louis in. He followed the crowd up the stairs and felt excitement flow through him knowing he'd see him any moment.

He put his ticket through the machine and as he walked into the main building he gave it a once over, but he didn't need to look for Louis because the next second Louis was jumping into his arms and wrapping his legs around him as Harry laughed and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

"Didn't expect such a welcome," Harry said walking them away from the ticket machine since people were still coming through it.

As he walked them off to the side Louis put his legs down and they separated while grinning.

"Can't see you complaining."

"Didn't have time to start, you were jumping on me." Harry grinned as he looked Louis up and down, he was in his usual black jeans and vans but had a white top and denim jacket on.

"I'll refrain from ever jumping on you again," Louis smirked as he also looked Harry up and down. Harry hummed as he put an arm around Louis' shoulders to direct him to the exit.

"Jump on me any time you like," He smirked and Louis chuckled as he put his arm around Harrys waist pulling him in closer as they walked out into the street.

In front of them was a fountain, the water running softly over the metal structure and Harry smiled as they walked past it.

"So, anything happened since I last spoke to you?" Louis asked.

"I slept," Harry chuckled. They'd spoken on the phone until about one in the morning before they'd both sleepily said goodnight. "What about you, anything exciting happen in the last what, fourteen hours?"

"I got on a train, I'm surprised you didn't. Or did you sleep walk all this way?"

"Huh, must have done." Harry laughed as they reached the road and stopped to wait for the traffic lights.

"Speaking of since we're sharing tonight, do you have any odd sleeping habits?" Louis asked him raising an eyebrow, he watched Harry curiously and he grinned.

"Yeah, I sing the alphabet backward seven times, do the Macarena once and recite the entire Shakespeare library from memory." Harry said and got  pinch on his hip from Louis who was grinning at him.

"I meant something a little less like a satanic ritual,"

"Honestly I'm not sure. My sister once told me I talk in my sleep when we were on a camping holiday but she could have been messing with me. Niall's never complained about it,"

"And you often sleep with Niall?" Louis raised an eyebrow as they walked across the road.

"Oh all the time," He chuckled knocking Louis' hip. "No but he's a kicker so I tend to sleep on his floor when I do unless we're ill, if I want a cuddle I go to Perries. Although she snores awfully so I don't sleep much there."

"You guys are all pretty close," Louis smiled. "It's sweet."

"You don't kick do you?" Harry asked him as he directed them towards the hotel.

"No, but I'll probably sleep on you. I like to cuddle things."

"Oh, what a shame," Harry said in a fake displeased way and Louis grinned at him squeezing him closer. "What kind of things? Will you be bringing lamps and shampoo bottles into the bed too or-"

"Now, now, Harold, don't be getting jealous of the other objects I'll be cuddling. Don't want any scenes in the hotel room." Louis laughed as Harry grinned, it was so easy now to talk with Louis and he was so glad he'd invited him along too.

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