Chapter Two - The Park

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It was such a good feeling being back with his friends. They spent all day sunday sitting on the sofa in their sweatpants filling the others in on what they'd spent their summers doing, even if they'd spoken most of the time anyway. So when Monday arrived, Harry was not looking forward to getting up super early.

He tried to be quiet as he got himself dressed and left the house but he forewent making himself breakfast because he knew he'd just drop something and wake up the house if he did. He was clumsy enough when he was fully awake, adding in his slow movements and late reaction times that came with just getting up would be chaotic.

He walked across the park which looked rather eerie, the place was deserted and as it was still not quite light, the shadows looked very dark indeed. He hurried his pace across it, eyes flicking to any movement he was probably imagining and he hurried out of the gate of the park on the other side.

As he walked over to the bus stop, he saw there was only one other person stood there, he was rather glad to see the other figure because everywhere had felt post apocalypse until that moment, like he was the only one awake. He recognised him as one of the friends of Ankles, he was the one who looked much less intimidating although over the last few years he'd definitely come out of his shell.

Harry eyed the chain that sat around his neck and he turned away from the boy to look down the street instead waiting on the bus. He'd tried to memorise the schedule for his mornings the night before and just hoped the bus wouldn't be too late. He had his music playing quietly so he could hear what was going on around him and he shoved his hands into his pockets as he swayed.

"Early morning lectures for you too?" Harry heard and harry turned to look at the guy wearing the chain, checking he was actually talking to him, given there was no one else around and that the boy was smiling at him made him realise he was indeed talking to him.

"Yeah," He said slowly and smiled back at the guy a little confused since in the last three years, they'd never once given pleasantries. Harry assumed it was because there was no one else for him to talk to and he pulled one of his earphones out to look a little less rude. "pushed into the deep end this year, early morning on the first day back."

"Yeah, it's going to become a nightmare, Monday mornings." The guy chuckled. "I'm going to probably be dead by week three."

"Won't be far behind you," Harry smiled, it was weird how this guy was practically a stranger and yet, because Harry had seen him around with Ankles for so long, he sort of felt familiar. Like a very old friend or something. "Surprised I actually made it out today,"

"My mates, The guys i live with," The guy said shaking his head and looking a little exhasperated, like he'd had a long morning, "they're meant to too have lectures this morning too, but they refused to get up." The guy chuckled.

"Don't really blame them," grinned Harry wondering if Ankles was one of those and how different his morning would have felt seeing his crush so early. He'd probably have felt more awake than ever.

"No, but they did promise last night they'd be nice when I checked they were up." Chain rolled his eyes and he shook his head. "They weren't. I got a football to my face and covered in painty water."

"That's nice of them," Harry chuckled. "Lucky for me, i didn't have to wake my friend up. I'd have probably had the same treatment, although all he'd have by his bed would be empty beer bottles." Harry chuckled.

"That's Niall right?" He asked and Harry raised his eyebrow, he wasn't actually that surprised the boy knew Niall, most of the campus knew Niall. He was that kind of person who just stopped and talked to anyone on the street because he felt like it.

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