Chapter Twenty-Five - The Shopping Centre

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Harry awoke early on the day of his birthday, his alarm loud in the dark room. He turned his alarm off and slowly got himself up. It was his first day back at the radio station after the exams and it meant it was still dark outside.

He walked to his wardrobe and looked in it blankly for a moment as he tried to wake himself up. He contemplated going in what he was in but decided turning up in underwear was probably not the best option and instead he picked out a hoody and he pulled on his jeans.

He got himself dressed and grabbed his bag for his lectures after the studio.
He then crept to the bathroom, did a wee as quietly as he could while still trying to wake himself up. He swayed to himself as he washed his teeth and then crept down stairs and out of the door, the house almost eerily quiet. It was cold and Harry tucked his hands into his hoody as he made his way along the road and into the park.

It had been a while since he'd had to be up so early and his eyes stung slightly, especially in the cool air.

He made his way through the park and then over to the bus stop which was void of people. He leant against the pole and pulled out his phone and put his earphones in.

As the music began to fill his ears he watched the end of the road waiting for the bus to come along it. He allowed himself to sink into his own little world the silence of the morning making it quite easy to.

He jumped as arms wound around him and he looked behind him seeing Louis grinning as he stood there wearing Harrys hoody he'd taken two days prior. He looked so cosy in it and Harry was so pleased to see him he wasn't even annoyed Louis had scared him.

"Scared the shit out of me, Lou," Harry said and pulled his earphones out again placing a hand over his beating heart. He turned around to face Louis who had a cheeky grin on his face although he reached up and cupped Harrys cheek gently.

"Sorry for scaring you." He grinned, and Harry hummed moving his face into Louis' hand.

"Hmm, okay." He said and Louis smiled fondly at him.

"Happy Birthday, Baby." Louis said with a soft smile and Harry returned it as Louis pushed him back into the pole his hands tightening around his hips.

"Thanks," he replied with a smile too as Louis leant up to kiss him. Their lips moved together slowly and Harry smiled as he put his hands on Louis' hips pulling him in even closer, it was a great start to his birthday and he had no doubt the rest of the day would be perfect too.

"Here." Louis muttered against Harrys lips before stepping back, chuckling as Harry moved with him. He pulled out a card from his bag and Harry took it when he'd stepped back slightly, kind of wanting to still be kissing Louis.  

He smiled as he opened it and was surprised to find it was from the whole Tomlinson-Deakin clan and he smiled as he read what each of Louis' sisters had written, just little birthday wishes which made him feel like he was accepted far more than he thought he was and then the scribbles of the twins at the bottom in crayon made him grin.

"They wanted to give you one," Louis said and Harry looked up to see Louis now holding another card and little present out to him. He took it too with a much too fond smile but had to wait a moment to open it because the bus was pulling up beside them.

Louis put a hand on his back as the bus stopped in front of them and they got onto it smiling at the driver before moving down the bus. There were only two others on it, a guy who was fast asleep and a girl who was staring out of the window looking close to falling asleep.

The bus began to move and Harry gripped the seats and smiled as Louis moved to sit down and pulled Harry back to his chest so he was sat on Louis' legs. He rested his head on Louis' shoulder as he looked down at the card and present.

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