Chapter Six - The Cafeteria

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As with everything else they seemed to do, meeting Harry outside his lecture on a Thursday became a routine for him and Niall. Both of them would be hungry since Harry only had coffee before going to do the radio show and then hiss lecture and Niall would just get up and come to the lecture to greet him.

"Hurry up, Haz," Niall said practically bouncing in the hallway, he had his flat cap on his head and looked like he was almost ready to go and smoke a pipe. Harry quite liked the look on him though and he put an arm around Niall's shoulder as he directed them towards the cafeteria in the wave of students flowing around them.

"I pushed past everyone in my lecture hall to get out first, I'm hurrying." muttered Harry as they were pushed around. Halfway down the corridor they merged in with Ankles class and Harry, like usual kept his eye out for Ankles and the brunette girl he usually hung out with.

"These damn halls get so claustrophobic," Niall groaned and Harry tightened his arm around him to try and comfort him and get him through the crowd without being hit into to much.

"take comfort in the fact we are funnier than every other person in this corridor." Harry said to him and Niall grinned.

"We are so funny," He nodded.

"I actually take offence to that," A voice came from behind them and Harry turned dropping his arm from Niall in the process, to his surprise and horror it was Ankles with his brunette friend. He was shaking his head with a small smile he was obviously trying to hide.

"Uhh," Harry said and Niall laughed beside him. Harry nudged him as he looked where he was going before looking back at Ankles.

"No offence was meant, but my jokes are hilarious, so," He shrugged as Ankles smile grew wider and Niall scoffed beside him, Harry once again turned to check he wasn't about to hit into anything or anyone but Niall had his arm on Harrys elbow directing him. They got to the stairs, the hallway opening out and the mass of people lessening as some people continued along the corridor upstairs too.

"I've yet to hear any so-" Began Ankles before Niall made a strangled noise.

"Please don't encourage him," Niall interrupted as Ankles and his friend were able to then move to walk beside them, Harry was suddenly very aware of every movement he was making and watched his feet down the stairs.

"You always laugh at my jokes," Harry said pouting at Niall who rolled his eyes and smiled a small smile at him.

"I laugh more at you than with you, you should know this is how out friendship is built." Niall told him, Harry rolled his eyes as they all made their way towards the cafeteria.

"well at least you give the best hugs."

"I do give pretty good hugs." Niall agreed.

"They're phenomenal," Harry nodded with his best serious look he could muster, he was trying not to be too nervous in Ankles presence, trying to just be himself and Niall smiled at him and squeezed his arm slightly.

"Again, I'm offended." Ankles said, "You can't label someone as having the best hugs unless you've given a fair experiment."

"He has a point," Harry said after e moment of just looking at Ankles pretty face before he spoke to Niall. He really needed to ask the guy his name, yet it somehow was something that after so long of them looking at each other seemed a weird thing to ask. He kind of hoped that Ankles friend would say his name at some point.

"Don't take away from my title!" Niall said pointing at Ankles. "I've worked hard to earn that."

"You're just the only person who hugs me," Harry said pretending to wipe a tear.

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