Chapter Twenty-Six - The Garden

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When the bus pulled up to their stop, Harry helped Louis up and they grabbed their bags before making their way off the bus. They took each others hands as they crossed the road to the park and Harry felt lighter than ever.

He'd pretty much told Louis exactly how he felt and Louis hadn't run, sure they'd not actually spoken about it, but Harry felt better about it knowing Louis hadn't freaked out more than just freezing briefly, much like he'd done himself.

The park was filled with families and dog walkers as they walked across it their hands swinging between them.

"You excited?" Louis asked as they walked out of the other side of the park and onto the street and Harry gave Louis his best smirk.

"Not yet, but I'm sure you could help," He said and Louis squeezed his hand grinning as they continued along the road. Harrys thoughts turned to what the house would be like. He was sure it would be a complete mess and he was quite excited to see it.

They could hear the music as they got nearer and Harry looked at Louis slowly raising his eyebrows, it was definitely coming from his house and he was slightly worried they would get the police coming over.

"There's going to be noise complaints," He said.

"From our bedroom," Louis smirked and Harry nudged him but couldn't keep the grin off his face as they turned up the drive and saw balloons literally everywhere. It was like there had been an explosion in a balloon factory and Harry was quite in awe of how many they'd managed to blow up in the day.

There were people walking about from the inside to the garden and the unmistakable smell of a barbecue was wafting over to them. Harry recognised a few people from their old halls, the neighbours and people from a few parties they'd been too and Harry was then pulled into the house by Louis.

They dropped off their bags by the stairs and Harry eyed the room. The balloons were almost up to their waists while there were fairy lights everywhere. Harry grabbed a feather boa that had been wrapped around the bannister on the stairs and wrapped it around his neck.

"How do I look?" He asked posing for Louis who walked up a step and turned to him, eyeing him with a smile before he reached out, took hold of the feather boa and pulled Harry closer to him with it. Harry moved into Louis' space wrapping his arms around Louis' middle smiling as Louis was the smallest bit taller than him as their noses brushed together.

"you always look beautiful." Louis told him and Harry smiled as he tilted his head and leant into kiss Louis knowing that they wouldn't have much time to once the party was in full swing. They didn't deepen the kiss and Harry took Louis' hand as they pulled back from each other.

"Lets go see what weird things they've planned." Harry grinned and Louis walked with him to the back garden. Harry looked around it and blinked not able to keep a smile off his face. Niall was stood at the barbecue in nothing but an apron and oven gloves holding tongs in his hand and cheering loudly over at where Michael and Luke from next door seemed to be having a game of volley ball with what appeared to be the head of a doll.

Perrie had climbed up the large scarecrow and was on its deformed shoulders lassoing people with a large skipping rope. Jade was trying to hang up a huge rainbow unicorn piñata while Ashton appeared to be trying to sort out the DJ desk set up with Nick and Greg.

Liam and Zayn were sat on top of a bouncy castle grinning at the chaos happening around them and to Harry it couldn't have all been better.

"Hey guys," Louis said loudly making their presence known and everyone looked over and gave cheers while confetti and glitter covered them from Perrie.

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