Chapter Seven - The Hallway

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As the weekend came and went Harry found himself waking up the next Monday morning to his alarm blaring in his room. He'd spent all of Sunday with a slight hangover and he wasn't entirely sure it had completely gone. He blamed Niall completely.

'We'll just go to the pub for a couple of drinks' he'd said 'It'll be fun' he'd said, and here Harry was still suffering as he put sweatpants on and a cosy jumper so he could at least lay on his desk and be comfortable while taking notes.

He crept down the stairs trying not to wake the others, although Niall would deserve it and yawned as he walked from the house into the cold mid October morning. he put his music on and walked across the near deserted park.

The mornings were slowly getting darker while the evenings were also getting darker much sooner. He didn't really like it because the days seemed to go so much quicker than the spring. As he walked out of the park, three people were stood by the bus stop like usual.

Chain often spoke to him on a Monday morning, and sometimes broody and Ankles were there, others they weren't. It all depended how well Chain managed to get them up.

They all appeared to be in a deep conversation and didn't notice Harry, he moved to lean against the fence and looked at his feet as he tried to pay attention to the music rather than eaves dropping.

It was rather hard because they weren't exactly being quiet.

"I'm sure they're okay. It's probably just a cold or something, babies pick them up so easily." Chain was saying, although he wasn't wearing a chain today, he seemed to be speaking to Ankles who sighed loudly.

"I know, but it just a shame because now they can't come," He said, Harry still couldn't quite get over his voice. "Todays just going to be a shit day."

"You're just in a bad mood because you broke your mug and haven't had your tea," Maybe Zack said to his friend and Harry smiled to the ground, Ankles really did have a tea obsession.

"It's terrible, I feel like I'm slowly dying." said Ankles and followed it with a loud sigh, "And the worst part is, I've got to go meet Eleanor straight away and run my line with her, so I don't even have time to get one from the cafeteria."

Harry got his phone out and texted Perrie random things for her to wake up with, simply to look like he was doing something, they'd realise he was there eventually and he really didn't want to seem creepy.

'He's at the bus stop again'

'maybe zack and chain are with him'

'he's not had his tea'

"I'm sure I know something that'll cheer you up a bit," Maybe Zayn said while lighting up a cigarette, Ankles hummed and frowned slightly looking at his feet.

"Yeah? what's that?" Ankles asked. There wasn't anymore voices and frowned down at his phone as he continued to text Perrie.

'he's grumpy and cute and I want to cuddle him and get him his tea,'

'would it be weird if I got him tea?'

'He'd know I was listening to him'

'but maybe he'd think of me like a knight in shining armour'

'except i'd just wear my glittery boots because armour is overrated'

'tea is very important to him'

'I wish I was tea'


He looked up and Harry felt him look over at him and typed quickly on his phone because god damn it he felt awkward alone while they all had their conversation going.

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