Chapter Eight - The Kitchen

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Once again, like he usually did, Niall had persuaded both Ashton and Harry to go to the pub with him, Harry had his reservations about going because it was a week night and he had to be at the radio station in the morning and he didn't want to deal with Nick if he had a hang over. It was rather crowded and Harry was sweaty and cramped even though they were just sat beside the bar.

Harry was slightly tipsy, just enough to make him a little giggly but not enough to mess with his judgement on anything. He'd decided as they walked in he wouldn't drink enough that he'd feel the effects the next day.

"Why is this place so crowded?" Harry asked as someone hit into the back of his chair and sent him an inch into the table which pressed against his chest uncomfortably.

"Its the place to be, which is why we're here." Niall replied, he'd said as much earlier and Harry had rolled his eyes then too.

"We could just drink beer at home." Harry said looking around. There wasn't any music playing and the place was just over run with students trying to get through the crowd to find their friends. It didn't have much of an atmosphere at all.

"Yeah, I think I'd like to drink beer at home." Ashton nodded, Niall rolled his eyes as he continued drinking.

"You guys are no fun, just get pissed and you won't notice." He chuckled, Harry and Ashton exchanged a look and turned back to Niall.

"I've got to be up at six." Harry sighed, and Niall rolled his eyes.

"You two sound like old men, Jesus. Fine, lets go drink beer at home." He sighed finally, Harry assumed it was probably because he was almost finished with his drink and the line to the bar was now so long they probably wouldn't get a drink for an hour even if they wanted one.

"Yes!" Ashton grinned and he held his hand out which Harry high fived immediately with a grin. Niall downed the last of his beer before they all stood up and grabbed each others arms to try and get through the crowd to the street.

The cool air was welcomed and Harry held out his arms as they began to walk along the street.

"The air never felt so good," He called out. Ashton laughed and ran and jumper onto Harrys back, he stumbled slightly but grabbed Ashton's legs and began to jog along the road, Niall calling out to slow down.

Harry spun them slightly as he waited at a corner for Niall to catch up. As Harry stopped spinning, Niall jumped up on his back making him wobble and groan with the weight.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Harry groaned and they both let go and dropped down to the ground laughing as Harry stretched his back.

"Come on, the beer is calling!" Niall said walking down the road, the wrong one at that. Harry watched him for a moment before looking at Ashton.

"Shall we tell him?" He asked.

"Give it a minute." Ashton grinned and they leant against a brick wall and watched as Niall finally realised they weren't with him and then spun around to see where they were. He finally saw them and raised his hands. Ashton and Harry both pointed down the other road and Niall seemed to groan very dramatically before walking back down the road.

Harry laughed and was joined by Ashton as Niall finally walked over to them, and they walked down the right road. Niall linked his arms with both of theirs and started swaying them as they walked so it felt a little unstable.

They soon ended up singing as they went, laughing as they did and it was actually a rather fun walk. They walked into the driveway and Harry dropped Nialls arm as he checked his pockets, although he didn't have the keys.

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