Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Beach

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Something painful landed on his stomach and Harry groaned squeezing his eyes closed tighter. He could hear giggles coming from his bed and he could feel more than one body on his bed.

"Wake up," Perrie said while jumping on his chest, her knee digging into his rib painfully as Jade giggled poking at his cheek.

"Come on Harold, we've got a film to create." Ashton said, he was obviously in the room but he wasn't on the bed yet.

"And a picnic to devour." Niall said bouncing on the end of the bed and Harry groaned turning over to bury his face into his pillow.

"And to find bits of sand in places you don't expect for the next few days," Jesys voice joined in.

"How many people are in my room right now?" Harry asked frowning into the pillow.

"Hang on," Perrie said and he got a knee to the gut again and groaned. Perrie then started muttering as she counted them all, "Twelve."

"Get up." Niall said and Jade continued poking his cheek, He felt the bed dip again and Harry felt someone start to stroke through his hair. He had a feeling it was Louis and he turned his face and looked up at him seeing him smiling down.

"I can't get out of bed." Harry said turning back to the pillow.

"Perrie get off him so he can get up." Calum said from by his desk, by the sound go it they were throwing about something.

"That's not why I can't get up. You're all going to have to leave."

"How naked are you right now?" Jade asked slowly scooting off the bed and Harry grinned into the pillow.


"Right I'm going to pack the cars," Perrie said getting off the bed too and Niall rolled off him to get up as well.

Louis remained on the bed and Harry stayed with his head in the pillow until he heard the door close with loads of giggling and laughter as they all went down the stairs.

"What's the time?" Harry asked as Louis continued to stroke his head.

"It's half eleven." Louis said, "They're all keen to leave soon."

"Hmm," Harry muttered and he turned around to look up at Louis. "You coming in my car?"

"Yeah, I think Niall and Liam are in your car and Zayn, Jade and Ashton are going in Perries." He grinned and stood up from the bed walking over to Harrys wardrobe, "And I'm taking another hoody."

"You're going to have to start giving me some back," Harry said sitting up in the bed and he grinned as Louis turned around holding a hoody.

"You'll have to come and get them." Louis grinned putting the hoody on over his t-shirt and Harry moved to stand up and go to get his clothes.

Harry watched as Louis moved to sit on his desk chair, pushing it so he spun around and Harry watched him fondly as he pulled on his jeans. He knew he'd regret it because they would be filled with sand but it was also too cold to wear anything else.

He was completely endeared by Louis as he continued to spin in the chair slowly, smiling every time he faced Harry. He took Louis' distraction to head to the bathroom and he washed his teeth, peed before making his way back into his room.

Louis was sat leant back against the chair looking through Harrys phone, probably changing his facebook status and Harry moved to look over his shoulder seeing Louis scrolling through his photos and he smiled at the few selfies they'd taken together and a few pictures Perrie had sent him from before they'd officially got together.

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