Chapter Eighteen - The Cinema

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Harry had been trying and failing to get work done all day at home, everyone was obviously bored and had nothing to do and each kept flicking sweets at him. Ususally he'd stop and join in, but today he really needed to get his essay done so he could send it in before he left the next day.

So, when he heard a loud crash and a scream he decided he'd best find somewhere else to get his essay done and come and join in the fun when he'd finished. So he packed up a bag, and walked to the library.

He set himself up in one of the corners out of the way of the librarian and got to work on his essay. It seemed however someone above didn't want him to finish his essay because as he was coming up to the last couple of paragraphs he heard a thump, an apology in a voice he was getting very used to now and Harry closed his eyes trying not to smile.

"Ah Harold," Louis said quite loudly now, Harry looked up from his laptop to see Louis leaning over the chair beside him, watching him with a smile.

"Hey," said Harry leaning back, his back aching slightly from how he'd been hunched over the desk. Louis looked beautiful as ever as he looked down at Harrys essay and Harry turned back to it as well. He'd got most of it done and quite honestly he was glad of a friendly face, especially one so beautiful.

"So," Louis said moving around the chair he was leaning on and slouching into the seat, eyes apprehensively looking at him, although he was masking it with a grin. "There's a film out that I've been wanting to watch, but no one else can go see it with me. How much persuasion would it take to get you to go with me?"

"When?" Harry asked, because as far as he was aware, Louis was going home early the next day and that didn't leave much time to go to the cinema then. Louis turned to look at the clock behind him and looked back at Harry, a cheeky smile taking over his face.

"In half an hour."

"Half an hour?" replied Harry, looking from his nearly completed essay to Louis.  He knew which he'd prefer to do, quite literally honestly, and as he looked to his laptop again he decided to play about with Louis for a minute, he deserved it after all for taking him away from his work. "It's a bit short notice, isn't it?"

"Well you'd have had an hour and a half if you'd have actually been at your house and not in the furthest corner of the library." Louis replied. "Niall didn't exactly give me much to go on when he said you were out."

That surprised Harry slightly, it wasn't so much a spontaneous trip then, he must have planned asking Harry, not just seen him and decided to ask, Harrys heart rose and he turned his body from the desk to look towards Louis instead.

"I didn't tell him where I was going," He said, "I need to get this finished and he kept throwing starbursts at me, and I'm hiding because the librarian hates me." Louis chuckled and then looked thoughtful.

"So that's a no?"

"I don't know, will it be worth falling behind on work for?" He questioned and Louis hummed giving an over the top thoughtful look.

"Well, you get to spend time with me, so yes?" He replied and Harry also hummed thoughtfully before spinning back to the desk and pretended to read some of his last paragraph. Louis gave a noise of protest and leant in towards him. "That hurts, Styles."

"I bet having such a big head does too," Harry replied and his throat went dry as Louis stood up and moved behind him wrapping his arms around Harrys chest and he pulled Harry so he was leaning back in the chair.

"Please, please, please," He said into Harrys hair and Harry had to remember to actually breath. The contact between them was intoxicating and Louis smelt like vanilla and tea. It was an odd but rather nice combination and Harry almost nuzzled into him.

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