Chapter One - The Train Station

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The ground was covered in damp leaves, and as he watched where he was walking it wasn't half as satisfying as when they crunched beneath his boots. Harry had always loved the beginning of autumn, when the sun shone but the crisp air let him know that winter hung in the not so distant future.

He could wear his jumpers and let their sleeves hang over his hands and he could wrap scarves around his neck to stay warm, but he didn't have to wrap up in big coats either. It also meant he was back to university and he loved that just as much as he loved everything.

He had returned a week ago, far before most of the people he was sharing a house with, but that didn't matter to him. He'd organised his room and the kitchen and had gone out exploring the neighbourhood so he knew all the best places to go sit and study.

Presently he was walking along the street to the train station with music playing softly through his ear phones, it had been raining all morning but thankfully it had stopped before he was due to leave. His best friend, Niall, who he'd met in his first year of university was about to arrive. He'd got a plane from Ireland and was on his way and Harry, being the best friend he was had offered to greet his friend and help him with some of his luggage.

He arrived to the station a little before Niall was set to arrive and he took his time walking up the stairs, eyes raking over the screen which told him Nialls train would be coming into Platform 2. He walked along the bridge over the tracks, his hands sneaking into the pockets of his jeans as he began walking down the steps to platform two.

The platform was practically empty and Harry walked along it, the concrete stained almost black from the rain, he found a bench under cover which looked reasonably dry and he sat down stretching his legs in front of him and looking at his boots as his music continued lowly playing in the background.

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and he turned slightly as a figure walked along the platform in Harrys direction. Harry did a double take because he recognised the boy instantly.

For some reason, Harry saw him everywhere during his time at university. He'd lived in the block opposite Harry and Niall in his first year and Harry had used to watch him and his friends play football out of his bedroom window, something Niall used to tease him about all the time. He had lectures in the same building as Harry for all of his time at University so far and Harry had often passed him in the corridors, their eyes meeting and staying in connection for longer than the average look.

There had been many times Harry's crush on the boy had him making diversions so he'd get to see his face even more. Harry just wasn't prepared to see him so early on in the year.

The boy, Harry still didn't even know his name, had his eyes focused on his phone and his eyebrows were drawn in concentration. He didn't even flinch when his shoulder hit into one of the display boards as he walked along the platform he was so entranced in his phone.

Harry turned away from the perfect sight, the summer sure had done well on the boy, not that he hadn't looked good before it. It seemed now however he was owning his stubble more, his hair was shorter too, yet still artfully swept across his head.

He was wearing a black t-shirt that was swooping across his chest, a tattoo he'd definitely not had at the start of first year was peaking out from the top of the shirt and Harry tried not to lick his lips as he wondered what was drawn on his skin. He had a burgundy hoody over that, left unzipped and the tightest skinny jeans Harry had seen on him. They were black and drove Harrys eyes down to his thighs and further down to where his ankles were. Harry had never thought about anyones ankles before, but this boy had some fine ankles, once again adorned with a tattoo Harry couldn't read from a distance.

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