Chapter Fifteen - The Living Room

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For the first time in ages, Harry wasn't seeing Louis about everywhere, he wasn't there on Monday, and neither was Zayn. Liam was however and they sat on the bus and had a rather interesting conversation about music.

Then, on Wednesday, Zayn came alone because apparently they didn't need Louis for what they were doing. Harry did find out however, that Louis was doing some assessments and his schedule because of that had completely changed for the week.

He briefly saw him in the cafeteria on Thursday and Friday, both days Louis came up to him, gave him a big hug, told him he was dying and that he'd see him the following week. He looked tired and Harry just wanted to help cheer him up.

The following Monday, it was just Liam again and they ended up talking about fishing and holidays, and Harry had no idea how they got onto the conversation but actually he ended up laughing most of the journey.

So as the next Wednesday came he hoped he'd actually see Louis again. It was almost like he was going through withdrawal symptoms which was ridiculous since technically they weren't even dating yet.

Harry woke up in Nialls room laying on the floor, his back aching and he sat up rubbing his eyes. They'd stayed up well into the morning playing on the Xbox and had fallen asleep on their duvets. Niall was still snoring away on the floor and after yawning, he checked the time.

It was just coming up to one in the afternoon and Harry shook Niall who only groaned and turned over. Harry decided he'd have a shower and get dressed incase Louis did come that afternoon and he moved out of Nialls room.

Zayn was in Perries room already, and Harry blinked. Louis wasn't sat on her bed and Harry frowned as he moved to grab his towel. He tried not to feel too disappointed and slowly made his way into the bathroom.

He washed  his hair and got out towling it dry. He wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom feeling a little more refreshed and his back didn't ache quite as much.

As he walked across the hall he heard footsteps up the stairs and as he looked, he saw Louis walking up the stairs with a mug of tea looking at it carefully so not to spill it.

"Lou," Harry said, grinning. Louis looked up quickly, a smile lighting up his face as he got onto the landing. It went almost immediately as his eyes moved to Harrys chest and Harry watched as he gulped. He'd forgot he was almost naked but the expression on Louis' face made him not care in the slightest.

"Shit," Louis muttered looking down as he slopped tea on his hand and Harry bit his lip, he looked back at Harry and It was rather amusing to see him trying and failing to keep his eyes on Harrys face. "I knocked on your door to see if you were free, I assumed you were asleep."

"I was in Nialls room," Harry said, "we fell asleep on his floor and my back is hating me for it." He walked past Louis who stayed still watching him and he walked into his room.

"You um, free now?" Louis asked obviously still a little flustered. Harry grinned to himself, he wanted nothing more than to chill out with Louis, but to make things easier he needed to change.

"Yeah, I'll just get changed."

"Or you could stay like that, I don't mind." Louis replied moving to the doorway and Harry chuckled looking over at him. Louis eyed him once again, his cheeks a little pink and an almost hungry look masked beneath his smile.

"I mean i'm more comfortable naked, but I have a feeling it may be a bit distracting." Harry said tuning to look in his drawers for something to wear.

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