Chapter Ten - The Party

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Halloween was upon them in no time and pumpkins littered the road as they walked to and from town. There was a huge cloaked skeleton hanging from the door frame of next doors house that made Harry jump every time he noticed it out of the corner of his eye.

It seemed Ashton had become good friends with the boys next door and spent a lot of time with them and subsequently they had been invited along for trick or treating with them.

They had spent most of the morning on Halloween carving their own pumpkins. Harry also carved a few peppers because they were dying in the bottom of the fridge and would only be thrown away if he hadn't.

Their fridge was relatively empty, but the counters and cupboards were filled with sweets for the trick or treaters.

By the time lunch came around, there was about eighteen pumpkins lined up along the driveway and six little peppers, the green, red, orange and yellow making a pretty contrast with the pumpkins.

As everyone began getting themselves ready for trick or treating, Harry spent a good five minutes creating a rainbow with the peppers and pumpkins. When he went back inside, Ashton was indeed dressed as a penguin, and Harry laughed, he actually looked awesome.

"When do we go?" He asked and Harry looked at the clock on the wall,

"In about three hours." Harry told him to which Ashton whined loudly and moved to the bottom of the staircase, he then proceeded to shout up the stairs to the girls,

"Why did we need over three hours to get ready?" He asked and Harry shook his head with a smile

"We did because we have a lot of fine detail to perfect." Jade called down, "I have to paint myself blue!"

"Are you going as a smurf?"

"Mystique!" She said exasperatedly and Ashton hummed and looked at Harry.

"Want to watch a scary film then?" In all honesty, he didn't really, Horror films weren't his favourite but at the same time it was Halloween and now was better than ever, at least it was still light out.

"Uhh," Harry muttered but nodded all the same.

Before the film was put on, he got a bowl of sweets ready in case trick or treaters came while they were watching the film. The others would not answer the door and he hoped Ashton would. He then sat on the sofa with Ashton as he put on Insidious, Harry picked up one of the cushions on the sofa and bought it to his chest while he put his legs up on the sofa to get comfortable but so he could bury his face in it. To say he was freaked out was an understatement, he spent a lot of time holding his breath and fisting the cushion.

As the doorbell rang, he jumped and looked at Ashton who laughed at him, paused the film and stood up with the sweet bowl, Harry did too and stood behind him as he answered the door. There was a group of children with a couple of parents stood behind them. They called out a trick or treat and Ashton held out the bowl for them.

They went back to the film, Harry still on edge. With every knock on the door he jumped and Ashton was laughing at him with each and as the film finished, Ashton went to pee and the a knock sounded at the door.

Harry groaned knowing he'd have to answer it alone and grabbed the bowl of sweets for the trick or treaters. He walked to the door and opened it ready for the chorus of voices, instead something flew at him and he screamed as the hooded skeleton from next door ended up in his face, The sweets went flying and he turned and ran back inside. Ashton it seemed had taken that moment to walk out of the loo and if he hadn't just been would probably have peed himself. Harry looked around the kitchen door seeing their neighbours all laughing too.

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