Chapter Fourteen - The bus

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It had definitely been a big mistake to go out drinking before going to the radio station and an early lecture, the alarm pierced his ear drum and made his head swim slightly. His vision wasn't exactly brilliant either.

His eyes were sore and his hair was everywhere, he sat up from his bed sighing to himself as he put his head in his hands. He grabbed a hair tie and put his hair in a bun before getting up and dressed.

He slowly made his way down the stairs and out of the house as quietly as possible, he knew the others would be even worse than he was, since he'd had the least to drink. He made his way across the park and through to the other side, hoping the bus wouldn't be too long, he needed coffee and badly.

He was surprised to see Louis stood at the bus stop, he'd expected him to miss the lectures, although Louis hadn't drunk much more than him so out of them all they were the least hung over.

He was looking down at his phone and seemed to be scrolling through things, he looked a little tired and looked up as he heard Harry walking over. He sent him a smile and Harry walked over to him and dropped his head onto Louis' shoulder.

"Tired?" Louis asked, one of his hands moving to rub at Harrys back as he nodded into Louis' shoulder. Louis seemed to chuckle slightly and Harry nuzzled more into his shoulder, Louis smelt like tea and Harry was beginning to like it much more than he ever had before. Louis tightened his arm on his back and pulled him to him so they were flush together.

Louis wrapped his other arm around him and hugged him, rubbing his arm and back so soothingly, Harry was sure he could probably fall asleep stood there in Louis' arms, he wrapped his own arms around Louis gripping his hoody to stop himself actually falling asleep.

"You alright?" Louis asked him, Harry nodded in his arms smiling at the concern in Louis' voice and he felt Louis relax a little. Harry felt quite happy knowing Louis was concerned about his wellbeing.

Louis it seemed was quite content with him curled up because he didn't try to move and only seemed to hold him tighter swaying them slightly.

"The bus is coming," Louis muttered to him and Harry slowly stood up from him and Louis directed them to the bus which was pulling up, He got onto it and Louis pulled him to a seat near the back sitting down by the window and Harry sank into the seat beside him as the bus began to move.

"So where do you go this early?" Louis asked him, "Because you always get off before the campus, you said something about a broadcast?"

Harry dropped his head back against the chair and turned to look at Louis, smiling when he did, still not over how beautiful Louis was. It was still a shock each time he saw him, how one person could look so perfect all the time.

"I'm one of the morning presenters on the university radio station." He said, "Me and Nick do the Thursday and Friday morning shifts. Why do you go in so early?"

"That's cool," Louis said turning to face Harry further, "I'll have to listen to it. It's the only time we can get the stage free to practice on it. It's an early start but when we get into it I kind of forget."

"Do you ever do performances people can watch?" Harry asked.

"Not really, but if you're ever free on a Thursday or Friday morning then you're welcome to come watch." Louis smiled. Harry smiled, one day he would, he'd take the day off at the studio and go watch Louis on stage.

"okay." He said, Louis smiled at him before looking up out of the window.

"your stops coming up."

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