Chapter Sixteen - The Christmas Fayre

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However much Harry told himself he wasn't nervous, he was in reality incredibly nervous. He found himself pacing in front of his wardrobe. He had the four others sat on his bed watching him go from one side of his room to the other and he finally turned to them.

"I think I'm going to have to go naked." He said finally, he'd been looking at each things he owned and decided none of them would do. Jade rolled her eyes and stood up, pushing him out of the way as she stated looking through his clothes instead.

"Well I'm sure Louis would absolutely love that," Niall said, "But I've seen your dick enough times to be a little traumatised. So clothes are a must I'm afraid."

"At least until you get to his. Then you can for-go the date all together and make passionate love all over his house." Perrie grinned as she too stood up and moved to join Jade. Harry sighed, his stomach feeling as if his tattoo had come to life and was trying to flap out of it. It was ridiculous since they'd already hung out a few times now by themselves.

"This one I think," She muttered and Jade seemed to agree, Harry tried to see what they were looking at but Jade pushed him away from the wardrobe before he could see anything. Harry fell into his Desk chair feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole idea of the day. He thought he was going to be alright, but it was already coming up to half ten, and he was supposed to pick up Louis at eleven.

"Just breathe, okay." Ashton said moving to lay on the bed now there was more room. Harry tried to control his nerves, he had been all morning but he was still completely on edge. He sighed and leant back on his chair watching as Perrie and Jade turned to him.

"Right," Jade said holding up a shirt, "Put on your skinny jeans, wear this."

"And then this coat and scarf." Perrie said holding more out to him, Harry took all the clothes and looked around his room.

"Uh thanks for the help but can I get dressed?"

"Go get changed in the bathroom," Niall said, "Your bed is too comfortable to move."

"You're having a mental breakdown and your friends take over your room," Harry muttered walking out of the room to go to the bathroom. He got dressed and looked at himself in the mirror, to him he looked alright and he let out a breath as he messed with his hair.

Once he decided he had spent long enough in there he walked out and across to his bedroom, Jade and Perrie were now sat on the floor with their heads on his bed while Niall and Ashton lay on it.

"How do I look?" He asked and they all looked over at him and looked him up and down, he felt slightly self conscious at all their eyes.

"Perfect," Perrie nodded with a smile. Harry breathed a couple of times again and smiled.

"I should get going then." He said.

"It'll be great," Niall said to him, "You've been actually chatting with him and hanging out, so you know he likes you back and it's easy for you to chat. It'll be great."

"okay, I can do this." Harry said and it actually seemed to help, he'd been speaking with him and hanging out a lot lately so this wasn't much different. It was just more planned than the other times and he eyed his friends. "Are you guys just going to hang out in my room without me?"

"Yeah probably," Perrie nodded, smiling at him. "Go get your man, you don't want to be late."

"Right," Harry said shaking his head as his friends all grinned and gave him a thumbs up. After grabbing his wallet, keys and phone he took one last look at his friends who were all still watching him with wide grins. "Stop that, it's creepy." Harry said backing out of his room.

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