Chapter Twelve - The Firework Display

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The Firework display happened in one of the larger fields in the city and Harry found himself being dragged from the house as it started to get dark to head across town to the show. Even the thought of seeing Louis there wasn't helping all too much because he really hated the loud noises the fireworks made.

Sure they were beautiful things when they shone up in the sky but the sudden exploding and the high pitched noises they let off left him tense and feeling horrible. He always spent the whole evening with his hands over his ears.

The bus was completely full by the time they reached their stop and Harry was clinging onto one of the poles and holding Jade so she didn't fly across the bus at every stop. There was hardly space to move and it took a minute to actually be able to get off the bus.

Everyone it seemed had come out to the show and Harry was quick to link arms with Perrie and Niall, who in turn linked arms with Jade and Ashton so they were walking in a line to not loose each other.

Ashton pulled them all towards where the fireworks would be going off, there was already a decent crowd, and given it was another hour and a bit until they were due to go on, Harry knew that it was going to get crazy busy and quickly.

They stood together among the crowd and Harry hoped they didn't close in on him any more. He wasn't too bad in crowds, but it wasn't his favourite past time. Niall was much, much worse with them but he seemed so hyper he was barely noticing it.

"We're going to find some sparklers and see what else there is," Ashton said. "Keep our place, we're going to have such a great view."

"Sure," Niall said turning to him as the other three moved away through the crowd, "Try not to freak out with the sparkler this time."

"It almost set fire to my glove!" Harry told him defensively, It was pretty terrifying and he'd not worn gloves this time because the thought of it was enough to bring all the memories and terror back to him "I was being perfectly normal for someone who was about to loose a hand."

"So dramatic," He said shaking his head and laughing at him. Harry pouted and looked around the groups of people around them. He wondered if Louis was among the crowd yet and if he'd actually be able to see him tonight since there were so many people around.

"What's happening after the inferno in the sky?" Harry asked him, eyes flicking to the dark sky above them where all he could see now was the moon and a couple of stars, "Are we going home or out to the pub?"

"I thought we'd head to the pub," Niall said, "But obviously it depends on how everyone is feeling. You may have ahd a heart attack by then like last year."

"Cheers for that." Harry said sneering at Niall who clapped him on the back and laughed, Harry smiled back and shook his head slowly before sighing.

"You'll be fine. Put in headphones or something. Turn some music up loud." Harry decided that was probably a good idea, he had his earphones in the pocket of his coat and maybe with them in his ear he wouldn't have to stand like a weird with his hands over his ears the entire time.

Niall was practically jumping up and down and Harry stared at him for a moment as he continued bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked slowly, Niall looked over at him still bouncing and let out a long breath.

"I'm cold," he sighed eventually, as if he didn't want to say it, obviously he didn't because Harry had told him not to forget his coat when he left and he was stood in a thin jumper bouncing like a toddler. 

"You should have put a coat on," Harry told him, the chill was hitting him even through his few layers and he wasn't sure why Niall was risking hypothermia rather than put on a hat, scarf and coat.

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