Chapter Eleven - The Pizza Shop

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When Harry woke up, it was to his head throbbing a little. He'd drunk enough to be a little tipsy last night and he was thankful he'd decided not to go to lectures that day because he knew he wouldn't pay attention. However he did want to get some work done so he knew he'd be looking up the lecture notes.

He turned to look at the window and moved some of the curtain, the light came into his room and he smiled at the sun shining in the sky. He slowly moved to get up from bed and rolled his neck, feeling a little tired.

He put on jogging bottoms and a jumper because it felt cold out of his covers and as he padded down the stairs, he was very aware of the silence in the house. Everyone else would probably be quite hung over for the day and he smiled and shook his head knowing today was going to be a nice quiet day.

He walked into the kitchen and saw Jade leant against the counter looking tired, she had a glass of water and a packet of biscuits in front of her.

"Hey," She said and Harry smiled, she still had a faint blue hue to her skin and had he not known she'd been in costume the day before, he would have probably been worried for her health.

"Hiya." She said, "Ashton is hungover as hell and wants food, but I really can't be bothered to cook. I gave him water and gummy bears and told him we'd sort something out for lunch." She said, Harry eyes the fridge and decided he didn't exactly fancy cooking either.

"We can get pizza or something." He shrugged. "I don't feel like cooking much either."

"Sounds good to me," She nodded. Harry looked over at the oven to check the time and smiled as he realised it was gone half eleven. Niall wouldn't be up for another hour so he poured himself a glass of water and moved to the sofa.

"Want to watch a film and then head to the shop? I fancy a walk." Harry said. The pizza shop wasn't too far away and fresh air would definitely help him later. Jade moved over to the sofa and fell down beside him nodding. She put the biscuits between them and they picked a film to watch.

Perrie joined them not long after, other than looking tired and drinking about three pints of water, she didn't seem to bad. After all, they'd left earlier than the others and had probably drunk a lot less.

She lay over them on the sofa and Harry played with her hair as they continued watching the Disney film. Niall came down looking dreadful at about half one just as the film was finishing and He curled up on the other sofa groaning.

Harry got up to get him water and turned to look at Jade, who was also getting off the sofa obviously already sensing they were going. Perrie was asleep, and as Harry handed Niall his water he grunted slightly.

"We're off to get food." He said putting a hand on Nialls head, he moved to the kitchen to grab the pills and handed Niall two which he took straight away with the water.

Harry walked up to his room and put jeans on to be more presentable and grabbed his wallet and phone before walking back down the stairs and joining Jade at the door. She walked out with him and they both shivered slightly as they hit the wind.

"How did you walk around last night in nothing, I'm cold in my hoody!" She said and Harry, who was also a little cold in his jumper shrugged while putting his hands in his pockets to keep them warm.

"Honestly, I couldn't tell you. Must have been adrenaline or something." He said, "I don't think I'll be doing it again. Maybe next year I'll wear a big fur coat or something."

"Fake fur I hope." Jade chuckled.

"Of course fake fur." Harry replied quickly while nodding as they walked along the road towards the shop. The fresh air, although cold was very refreshing and Harrys head no longer hurt. Except for feeling tired, he felt quite good and he linked his arm through Jades who was shivering a little.

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