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Sophie looked excited and happy talking to this vaguely familiar boy. Fitz knew him from somewhere but wasn't able to place it until he got a little closer. It was Taron, he was in the elite levels with Fitz and Keefe but they were not friends. Taron had a reputation of being a huge flirt, he had pretty much tried to kiss every girl in the towers by now and it looked like Sophie was his next opportunity.

Fitz tried to quickly make his way over to where Sophie and Taron were walking but the paths in the garden were almost like a little maze. He could see glimpses of them through the flowers and knew where he wanted to be but the path just wasn't where he needed it to be. He watched as Taron put his hand on the small of Sophie's back motioned towards a beautiful teal and gold flowering tree with big wispy branches that almost hid the ground underneath about 40 feet away from them.

Seeing Sophie with Taron did not make Fitz happy and the thought of Taron trying kiss Sophie made Fitz downright jealous. It was then that Fitz saw the path that intercepted the path that led to the tree. Quickly he made his way over to cut them off.

The closer Fitz got the more his face pained. What if he was too late? What if Taron did kiss Sophie? What if Sophie knew Taron already? And a whole new level of jealousy hit, what if Sophie liked Taron?

Fitz made his way to the tree a few seconds before Sophie and Taron but it was not enough time to clear the look on his face. Sophie saw it first and broke from Taron rushing to Fitz.

“What's the matter Fitz is everything ok?” Sophie asked seeing the expression on his face.

“Yes, they haven't got my book in yet,” Fitz said the look still on his face.

“Fitz do you know Taron?” Sophie asked, “he was just telling me about all these flowers and how they grow so big.”

“Yes I am well aware of who Taron is,” Fitz answered his tone expressing obvious annoyance.

“Hi Fitz,” Taron said not making eye contact.

“Sophie we really should get going,” Fitz replied not acknowledging Taron. He reached for Sophie's hand and pulled her away quickly.

After they left the garden and were finally headed in the right direction of the Gnome Bistro Sophie quietly asked, “Fitz what's really the matter?”

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