thirty five

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Fitz woke up the next morning and knew a run would help him figure things out. He missed running in the towers and knew that pushing himself would give him time to focus and not get distracted by people at breakfast. Things with Sophie were going really well, and last night was amazing. It was so natural and comfortable their time together. He knew he wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend but her worries from hearing boys thoughts made it seem like he needed to take things slow, he wanted her to trust him. He certainly didn’t want to ruin their cognate training by trying to move too fast but oh man it was getting harder. He had to really restrain himself from kissing her last night. There were so many times he wanted to kiss her yesterday, pretty much from the first moment he saw her to when he left her that night he had been thinking of what it would be like to kiss her. Yes a run was just what he needed, after his run he would head over to Havenenfield to spend the day with Sophie.

Sunday mornings were always a little more lazy around Havenfield and today was no exception. Sophie took full advantage of the relaxed day and slept later than usual. It was mid morning by the time she came downstairs for brunch still a little groggy in her PJ’s and messy hair not expecting to find Fitz sitting at the table chatting with Edaline and Grady.

“Morning Sophie, did you sleep well?” Edaline asked starting to dish her up a plate.

“Yes I did, sorry I didn't wake you when I came in last night,” Sophie replied as she frantically tried to run her fingers through her hair to tame it a little bit.

“It's all good, we knew you were safe.” Grady piped up before taking a bite of a blitzenberry muffin.

“Hi Fitz, I didn't think you would be here so early.” Sophie said shyly glancing at him. He looked so incredible, his hair was perfect except for the few stubborn hairs that made Sophie giggle. His fitted tunic showed his shoulders and the definition in his arms, and his eyes well Sophie could go swimming in his gorgeous eyes.

“I woke up early and went for a run, I figured I would head over before Biana and Keefe saw me and would want to tag along.” Fitz answered back, leaving out how much he just wanted to see her and how adorable she looked obviously flustered that she was still in her PJ's and needed to get dressed. “Why don't I go help Grady feed the animals while you get ready for the day and then we can go for a walk and hang out. Does that sound good?” His eyes met hers and she could see the anticipation and burning in them.

Sophie nodded and quickly ate the food Edaline had put on her plate, although it looked like orange mush it tasted like sausage and hash browns. After clearing her plate Sophie excused herself to go get ready.

Frantically she showered and grabbed the purple dress she had bought with Linh and Biana the weekend before and a pair of ballet flats. She decided she wanted to look nice since Fitz looked so amazing and so she asked Vertina for some help with her hair. A couple minutes later a low messy looking updo and a hint of eyeshadow made Sophie's eyes stand out more than usual. A quick spritz of Dex’s panakes perfume and Sophie was on her way out to meet Fitz.

Lucky for Fitz Grady had him feed some of the tamer animals so it was fairly easy and he finished quickly and stayed clean. He was sitting on the back patio chatting with Edaline when Sophie came out.

“I'm ready to go for our walk now.” Sophie said as she made her way to Fitz.

“Thanks for chatting with me Edaline, I will keep that in mind.” Fitz said as he grabbed Sophie's hand. “Did you have an idea where we could go on our walk?”

“We could just walk near the cliffs. Maybe get you some panakes blossoms for your room.” Sophie suggested, puzzled by what Edaline had said to Fitz.

“That sounds good,” Fitz replied. They said goodbye to Edaline and waved to Grady before making their way over to the cliffs. They had walked a fair distance and both seemed to be lost in their own thoughts.

“Thank you for the gift, I really like it. I fell asleep looking at the stars last night.” Sophie finally spoke looking up at Fitz.

“I'm glad you liked it, I wasn't sure what to get you but when I saw it, it just felt right.”

“It’s perfect.”

They continued walking before Sophie led Fitz towards a specific spot and pulled him to the ground to sit down, their hands resting next to one another.  “This is one of my favorite spots to come and sit, I feel so peaceful looking out at the ocean.”

“It is really tranquil out here, I can see why you like it.” Fitz said as he sat there watching Sophie look out over the water. He swallowed before continuing. “I really like you Sophie.”

Sophie's eyes grew big as she turned to look at him. “I like you too,” she said softly.

“I don't want to push too hard or go to fast, I am really happy going on dates with you and spending time with you.” Fitz said before pausing, he knew he needed to choose his next words very carefully. “I don't want to worry about other boys trying to win you over when I can't be there to keeping trying myself.”

Sophie sat there, not sure exactly what Fitz was trying to get out but knowing exactly how she felt about him. “I don't want to worry about you either Fitz, I’ve seen how many girls gave you crush cuffs and it made me cringe to think about you going on a date with someone else, but what do you want?”

Oh man that was such a loaded question. He wanted to be with her all the time and protect her from anything bad. He wanted to hold her tight and breathe in her sweet intoxicating smells. He wanted her to trust him with all her secrets. He wanted to be her best friend and the first one she wanted to talk to when she had something exciting happen. He wanted to take her on adventures and show her new places and try new things. He wanted to kiss her, oh did he want to kiss her so badly. He wanted her to be unquestionably his so no other boy would try and steal her away, but right now with him in the towers it wasn't possible to have all those things.

“I want you to be my girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?” Fitz said trying to keep his voice as even as possible. He didn't want to hint at too much hope in case she said no.

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