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“You’ve missed me?”

Suddenly homework was the last thing on Sophie's mind. Fitz missed her! Or did he just miss working on telepathy she wasn't sure. She knew how much she had missed seeing him over the past month, after spending everyday together it was like a part of her brain was missing, but being with him here she could think clearly again.

“How could I not miss you? I miss seeing you twirl your hair when you are thinking. I miss the way your eyebrows go up when you get excited. I miss the way you scrunch your nose when you get frustrated. I miss the way you blush trying to hide your secret. I miss the gold flecks in your eyes that sparkle when you figure something out. I miss the way your voice sounds when you get worried. I miss your smile when you are truly happy. I miss you so much. I have been counting down the days until I could see you again.” Fitz sighed.

“I’ve missed you too,” Sophie admitted. “I didn't realize how much our time together would affect us being separated. It's like I can't think clearly without you near me.”

“Are you thinking clearly now?” Fitz asked a small smile creeping on his face and a twinkle in his eye like he had finally figured something out.

“Yes,” Sophie answered, wondering where Fitz was going with this question.

“Well then I think we just need to spend the weekend together” Fitz said with a huge grin on his face now.

“But I have so much homework, it's like I haven't been able to think straight the pas. . .” And then it clicked in her head. She needed to be near Fitz to think straight, their heads had become so connected they didn't know what to do when they were apart. Fitz could sense a question forming in Sophie's head as she started twirling her hair.

“Maybe my dad will know something about this. Let's go tell him what has been happening.” Fitz said as they walked back to the house.

By then everyone had gone home and Alden was sitting in his office reviewing some scrolls.

“Sophie I didn't realize you were still here, you were so quiet during dinner. What's on your mind?” Alden asked motioning for her and Fitz to sit down.

“Dad, Sophie and I can't think clearly when we are apart from one another, the past month has been awful trying to do homework. It is like our minds need to be near each other to function.” Fitz explained.

Alden looked at Sophie and she nodded.

“Is this a cognate thing?” Sophie wondered aloud.

“No, I think you two have started to figure something else out,” Alden said with a big smile coming across his face, “but I am not sure how to tell you. It might be something you just have to discover yourselves. You mentioned you have homework? Let me hail Grady and Edaline and let them in on my thoughts. Why don't you two head over to Havenfield and get your books and bring them back here. Sophie also grab some changes of clothing, while I am sure Biana has plenty to share you will probably be most comfortable in what you usually wear.” And with that he sent them off to the leapmaster while he hailed Grady.

“Grady, Sophie and Fitz came to me tonight to ask me a cognate question. They can't seem to keep their focus this past month being apart from one another but tonight at dinner when they sat by each other and went for a walk they said their heads cleared and they could focus.”

“That's not a cognate question,” Grady answered with a laugh, “that sounds like two teenagers who are in love but don't know it. You would think with all the gifts he brings her she would have picked up on it by now.”

“I told them to head over and pick up her homework and some change of clothes for the weekend. Sophie can stay in the guest room, and hopefully some time together this weekend will help them get their heads and hearts together. Maybe Della and I can come up with some 'trust exercises’ or an ‘activity’ to help them out. They seem to respond well to those.”

They continued to talk about how clueless Sophie and Fitz were about each other and the obvious feelings they shared, each laughing about their own early days of dating.

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