twenty five

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For Sophie the days were long and filled with homework and helping out with the animals but the weeks went fast, especially the weekends when Fitz had more time to talk and they continued to mind loop. Sophie had been successful every time she tried and now could hold her concentration even through Fitz’s tickles, but Fitz hadn't been able to loop once to be in Sophie’s subconscious. She could tell it bothered him but she liked visiting his mind this way and insisted that his room was way cooler than hers. Before she realized it it 5 weeks had passed and Biana caught up to Sophie on Friday after the last class of the day.

“I insist you skip whatever studying you think you have to do and spend the weekend hanging out with me. We never even see each other anymore and I know next weekend Fitz will try and monopolize all your time so I am calling this weekend the ultimate girls escape!”

On one hand a girls weekend sounded tempting and the idea of seeing Fitz the next weekend got her excited, even though he hadn't mentioned anything specific. On the other hand she did have her 5th level midterms to study for.

“I can do tonight and maybe tomorrow, but Sunday I have to study for midterms.”

“Well then we will just have to make the most of our time,” Biana knew this was the best she was going to get out of Sophie. “Go home drop your stuff off and change and come back to Everglen. I will talk to Linh and Marella about coming over as well.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Sophie leaped home to make sure Edaline was ok with Sophie being gone that evening and much to her surprise Edaline suggested they come to Havenfield for a sleepover. Sophie hesitated for a few minutes but the promise of Edaline making all the treats they wanted sealed the deal. Plus she could keep the makeovers to a minimum and hailed Biana to ask her about the change in plans. Biana was a little surprised to have Sophie offer up a sleepover but it did sound like the perfect way to start the weekend and said  she would hail Linh and Marella to come over for the girls night.

Sophie got to work setting up her room for her friends to sleepover and had Edaline conjure the sleeping bags from the void. No sooner had the pillows been fluffed and all the makeup hidden the doorbell of Havenfield chimed.

“Come on in girls, Sophie is up stairs in her room. I am going to start baking soon any requests for the night?” Edaline asked as she greeted the three girls standing at the doorstep.

“I'm sure whatever you make it will be delicious!” Linh commented as Biana pulled her and Marella up the stairs.

“Sophie we’re here!” Biana yelled as the girls raced up the stairs.

The girls had all been in Sophie's room lots of times before but sleepovers at Havenfield were rare.

“I declare girl time officially starting, the rules are no talking about homework, chores, or anything else boring. We are here to have fun!” Biana said with a glint in her eye signalling Sophie that she had something special planned for “girl time.”

“What did you have in mind?” Marella asked with a smirk, Sophie knew they had some evil plan in mind.

“What if we played basequest, without abilities?” Sophie asked thinking to herself what could happen during a game of basequest.

“Basequest sounds great!” Linh answered. “How about me and Marella be on a team?”

“That sound perfect! Sophie and I will crush you two!” Biana answered back and the group of 4 raced down the stairs and out to the pastures ready to play.

“We quest first, just have Sophie transmit us your base and then no more abilities!” Marella yelled as she and Linh ran off.

“Ok Sophie, it's just the two of us,” Biana started to say as they made their way to one end of the pastures. “I have been trying to get you to tell me for over a month but we keep getting interrupted or you avoid the question. What is happening between you and my brother?”

“What do you mean? He is my cognate partner and friend.” Sophie answered still trying to avoid Biana's question.

“Who took you on a date, who likes you and you like him back.”

“Has he said anything to you since he has been back in the towers?”

“No my parents have pushed him for info but he is really good at switching the subject, mostly he just talks about the stunts Keefe is pulling or how hard his mentors are on him.”

“Oh,” Sophie answered not sure if she wanted Fitz to be talking about her or not. She also wondered if he had told his dad about their cognate exercises and how she was able to mind loop into his subconscious but he couldn't do it in hers. She knew he was getting more frustrated with it, but she couldn't figure out why he couldn't do it. “Do your parents have anything planned for the break next weekend?”

“They talked about something but they have been busy with some project for the council so who knows if they will even have time or remember. Why? Do you and Fitz have another date planned?” Biana asked giving Sophie a glance and a smirk.

“Let me transmit to Marella and Linh where our base is,”  Sophie sighed as they arrived at the perfect place for their base.

Grumbling she added “no Fitz hasn't said anything about a date.”

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