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As much as Sophie tried she could not focus on her metaphysics book. She found it a little ironic that she was trying to unlock the potential of the elven mind and she couldn't even concentrate on the words in front of her. All her thoughts were on Fitz and how wonderful last night had been.

She felt so beautiful walking down the stairs and thanks to her photographic memory she could remember exactly  the look on Fitz's face when he saw her. She loved walking around Eternalia holding his hand and even though she felt jealous of his cousin at dinner she still felt happy eating and meeting the gnomes. And the walk around the river made her heart beat even faster remembering how Fitz's strong arms pulled wrapped her shoulder pulling her in close and how good he smelled. The next thought was walking up to the house and when he gave her the hug, oh my goodness, she felt so safe in that moment. Fitz was amazing and thoughtful and kind and too ridiculously good looking, but it was the kiss that really blew her away. Sophie reached up to touch her cheek remembering exactly where hip lips had been and how soft they felt against her skin. It wasn't anything like the human boys thoughts about kissing a girl but was more timid and hopeful. That simple little kiss on the cheek and made Sophie's heart soar and her eyes light up.

She was 99% sure that Fitz liked her like she liked him but how was she supposed to act. She was still terrified of the matchmaking process but other than crush cuffs and Alvar telling he had 3 girlfriends she didn't really know much about crushes or dating in the lost cities. Even the letters between Jolie and Brant hadn't given much help.

She knew what happened with humans when they liked each other, she had learned enough through hearing 17 year old boys horrible thoughts in high school as a 12 year old to be traumatized for life but maybe elf's were different. It had certainly felt different.

It was so hard, Fitz was the person she would usually talk to and ask about how things worked but she couldn't ask him about this.

She didn't want to ask Edaline because that is just not a conversation she wanted to have with her mom, adopted or not. Grady and Sandor had tried to have the “boy” talk and it was super awkward. Della and Alden sounded even worse to ask, what would she say “hi I am in love with your son but am too freaked out to actually tell him.” She wasn't even sure about Biana remembering the first time Biana had invited her over after school and told her girls used her all the time to get to Fitz, sure it had been years and they were true friends now but still. She did not want to give Biana any reason to dislike her. For a brief second she considered Linh or Marella but Sophie worried they both had a crush on Fitz and that just wouldn't be right. Dex, Keefe and Tam were a big no because that would just be awkward.

Sitting there Sophie was just flummoxed, there didn't seem to be a solution to her problem, and any hopes of catching up on her metaphysics was fading fast. The sun was nearly overhead and Sophie was lost in her own thoughts that she didn't realize someone had joined her by the lake.

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