thirty nine

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Unlike her return from other dates this time Grady and Edaline were waiting up for her. They could tell from the silly grin and glossed over eyes that something had changed with Sophie.

“Come sit down dear,” Edaline said with a smile. “We want to hear all about your day.” With a snap of her fingers a plate of mooncakes appeared and a couple bottles of lushberry juice. Grady looked less interested in hearing about her day and more interested in the treats that had appeared but still piped up. “Where did you two run off to today?”

Sophie decided to just tell them everything and started with their walk and how together they had decided that they were officially dating and how Fitz didn't care if she registered for the match right then or not. She told them about Mysterium and getting the matching bracelets made and how when he brought her home they had their first kiss on the steps. Edaline beamed and you would have thought it was her big moment which made Sophie excited all over again. Grady just sat there eating and grumbled under his breath about next time and a serious talk about something.

Thinking back on their walk Sophie remembered they had never walked to Calla’s panakes and didn't get the blossoms for Fitz’s room.

“Can I be excused for a few minutes? I need to go pick up something for Fitz.” Sophie asked as she stood up.

“Sure honey what do you need?” Edaline replied confused what she would need to pick up for Fitz.

“I promised him some blossoms from the panakes for his room in the towers. I should probably take them to him tomorrow before he checks back in for the rest of the semester.”

“Sure, make it fast, you should get to bed soon.” Grady replied as a grinning Edaline added, “I'm glad you had a good weekend.”

Fitz made it home and knew that the second he made it through the doors the never ending questions would soon follow. He was making his way to the kitchen to grab a drink expecting to be bombarded with questions but no one was there.

He headed up to his room before stopping at Biana’s door and knocked.

“Come in.” He heard from the other side.

“Oh it's just you.” Biana replied disappointed.

“Hey where are mom and dad? And Keefe?” Fitz asked.

“They are off on their assignment, I haven't seen them since last night and Keefe went back to his dad's. Apparently his dad told him they needed to have a talk after the run in at dinner.” Biana said nonchalantly still flipping through her book.

“Aren't you going to ask me about my day with Sophie?” Fitz asked still shocked she wasn't grilling him for details.

“What's the point all you probably did was walk around and talk, you don't have your dragon back so I'm guessing you're still going to try your cognate thing and that is about all I am going to get out of you.”

Wow. What a change this was.

“Well you're right we did walk and talk about things and we are still going to mind loop. Did you know Mysterium had an amazing night market?” Fitz started to speak. Maybe if he baited her with some details she would start asking details.

“Yeah, Dex said something about it once.” Biana said not really paying attention before realizing Fitz gave her a detail of what he had done that day. “Wait did you and Sophie go to Mysterium?”

“Yes,” Fitz replied his tone implying to ask another question.

“Three dates huh, did you finally get the nerve to ask her to be your girlfriend?” Biana asked sarcastically still not expecting Fitz to say anything.

“Yup, we’re officially a couple.” Fitz stated matter of factly, still not giving Biana the satisfaction of getting all the details.

This got Biana's attention and she dropped her book and turned to him. “Fitz Vacker, if you are lying to me I will drop you so hard you will wish telepaths could vanish.”

“I'm serious, Sophie is my girlfriend. We even kissed.” Fit said smugly.

Biana's jaw dropped and she noticed the beaded bracelet on his wrist. She was sure she had never seen it before.

“And that is all I am going to tell you, if Sophie wants you to know more she can give you all the details, but I am going to bed.” Fitz said as he turned to walk out the room leaving a shocked and squealing Biana behind.

He quickly transmitted to Sophie.

“My parents are gone but I told Biana we are officially dating and that we kissed. Any details you want to share with her are up to you."

“Thanks Fitz, I think she is already trying to hail me. I can just talk to her at school."

"Speaking of school, want to meet an hour or so early tomorrow?"

"That sounds great! I'll meet you by the amphitheatre again. I can't wait to see you.”

“Have sweet dreams Sophie.”

“You too.”

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