forty seven

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When Sophie sat down at lunch Monday Biana could tell something was up but she wasn't sure what.

“Did you do anything fun this weekend?” Biana asked hoping Sophie would clue her into whatever was causing her mood.

“Not really.” Sophie answered shoving her food around on her plate not really eating any of it.

“Did you get a chance to mind loop with Fitz?” Biana asked, again trying to figure it out.

“Nope, he was busy.” Sophie answered not even looking up.

“Did something happen with Grady and Edaline?” Biana asked grasping for anything that give her some hint at at how to get Sophie out of this funk she appeared to be in.

“No they're fine.” Sophie sighed.

“Well then what is wrong? I haven't seen you like this since before we found your human parents. I much prefer the happy Sophie to zombie Sophie.” Biana let out a little exasperated at this lack of emotion in Sophie.

“I've had a lot on my mind this weekend after my session with Orem Vacker. Nothing bad happened I just realized something and I don't know if I'm ready to talk about it yet.” Sophie said as she looked up making eye contact with Biana. There was something in Sophie's eyes that made Biana worry about what Sophie realized. It didn't look like it was necessarily a bad or good thing just a thing.

“So who is your session with this week?” Biana asked trying to change subjects and get Sophie's mind off whatever it was that was bothering her.

“I don't know, Magnate Leto hasn't told me yet.” Sophie answered the look in her eyes changing subtly. It was enough to keep Biana going.

“I wonder if you will get a telepathy session soon?” Biana asked hopefully.

Sophie sighed and the look was back in her eyes. Biana knew whatever Sophie was thinking it had something to do with Fitz.

This was not good.

Sophie and Fitz were finally together and whatever he did to screw it up, Biana was going to figure out a way to make it better. “I'm sorry Sophie I just realized I need to meet with a mentor about something. I'll see you later ok.”

Sophie nodded. Biana got up left and made her way to the towers hoping her plan was going to work.

When she got to the door to door of the tower she quickly vanished and knocked really hard.

“Who is there?” A familiar voice said.

Biana pleaded in her head to please open the door. Luck was on her side when she saw it was Master Cadence opening the door and stepping outside to look around. Biana quickly slipped inside.

“Silly kids thinking it's funny to come knock on the door, don't they realize this is not a place for games.” Master Cadence grumbled not seeing anyone.

Biana was in. She figured Fitz was probably at lunch and remembered seeing the cafeteria when she and Tam had searched the tower before. She raced to see if she could find Fitz. When she arrived in the cafeteria she didn't see Fitz anywhere but Keefe was sitting alone, and he would for sure know where she could find Fitz. She made her way to Keefe and whispered in his ear, “Keefe I snuck into the towers, I need to find Fitz, where is he?”

“Ok that is more freaky than when Foster transmits.” Keefe sputtered as he jerked upright. After a few seconds he collected himself before whispering, “he is in his room studying I can show you where it is, just stay hidden. I can't get in trouble again.”

“Just do it fast, no one knows I'm here and I need to get back to class soon.” Biana said still trying to think the plan through on how she was going to get out of the tower. When they arrived at Fitz’s room Keefe did a quick knock and walked in.

“Oh Fitz you have a visitor.” Keefe teased calling into Fitz's room.

Fitz looked up from his desk confused at Keefe standing in the doorway. Before he knew what was happening Fitz was sprawled out on the floor and Biana was on top of him reappearing. The look on Fitz’s face was complete shock. “What are you doing here?”

“We need to talk. Alone.” Biana said glaring at Keefe.

“Oh I know a sibling issue when I see one. Have fun Fitz. See you tonight for our multispecial study session.” Keefe said shutting the door.

“What did you do to Sophie?” Biana growled pushing Fitz back down.

“What are you talking about?” Fitz asked still bewildered as to why and how Biana was in his room.

“She’s different and I know her well enough to know it has something to do with you so fess up what did you do and how do we fix it?” Biana demanded.

“Seriously, I have no idea we didn't even get to talk this weekend. I had a huge paper due today and a big project tomorrow. I haven't done anything.” Fitz spat back at Biana. He had told Sophie things were crazy this weekend and it seemed like she was fine.

“Well maybe you not doing anything is the problem.” Biana snarled back. “She is used to you giving her gifts and saying nice things to her. Just tell me what to do for her so she stops being a Sophieshell again. If this goes on any longer I am going to let Keefe know about your secret stash of. . .”

“Stop, give me a second to think.” Fitz said pushing Biana off him and pulling out a small card and an envelope. He quickly jotted down a note and sealed it in the envelope. “Go buy a bottle of Bramble Blue and wrap it up. Use a teal ribbon, mom can help you tie the bow.”

“I know how to tie a bow.” Biana interrupted, her tone dripping with annoyance.

“I figured but mom knows how it should look. Take it to Sophie's room and just leave it on her desk where she can find it, leave this note with it. I will figure out some more things for you later but this should help.”

Biana hoped this would help and figured it couldn't hurt anything.

“Oh and Biana, thanks for helping me. I don't want to mess anything up. Sophie is too important to me and it has been hard this past month not knowing when I would see her again.” Fitz said genuinely grateful that he had a sister willing to sneak in and help him out.

Biana nodded before vanishing.

That night when Sophie made her way up the stairs to her room for bed she was tired from a long day at school. She had tried to pay attention but she couldn't shake the thought of what she had written in her letter to Fitz. Biana was weird at lunch but Sophie figured she could talk to her tomorrow and figure out why she had run off.

When she got to her room she was shocked to see a familiar looking package with a teal bow sitting on her desk a card propped up beside it.

Curiously she reached out to grab the card, she knew who it was from but she couldn’t figure out how he got it there.

My Sophie,

I love falling asleep and waking up smelling the panakes blossoms you gathered for me. Even though I can't be see you, I close my eyes and imagine that you are here with me.

I'm counting the days until I know I can see you again. Until then hopefully this will help you remember me.

Your Fitz

Sophie couldn't wait to open the package and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth when she saw the contents. Mr. Snuggles had lost the Fitz smell she loved and she wasn't sure how to ask Grady or Edaline where to get men’s cologne.

She was excited Fitz had gotten her a gift it was nice to know he was thinking about her but she was a little confused as to how and why. But the thing that made her heart flutter was that he called her My Sophie.

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