twenty seven

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Biana looked shocked, and Sophie felt like she owed it to her to explain why she said no.

“I really like Fitz a lot, I have for a long time and I do love him as a friend and cognate partner, but am I in love with with him, no, not yet. We have only gone on one date, I think it is still way too early to be in love,” Sophie said growing quiet.

Biana thought about what Sophie said and it made sense. For years she thought she was in love with Keefe, but realized recently that it was never love and sometimes not even really like. It was just a crush and crazy infatuation.

Sophie’s mind started to wander as Linh started teasing Biana about Tam and Biana and Marella were trying to get Linh to spill the name of her crush. It was quite comical to listen to them trying to trick information out of each other. Sophie on the other hand was lost in her thoughts thinking about Fitz and how he might have changed his mind this past month anyway.

“Changed my mind about what?” A deep accented voice was in her head.

Sophie looked surprised and smiled, luckily no one else caught her change in temperament.

Nothing important, just having a sleepover with the girls and had to answer some questions to get out of a makeover again. How has your week been?”

My mentors have given us a ton of assignments for next week before we have another break. That is why I reached out tonight, I don't know it I will be able to this weekend again, but I wanted to make sure I had a chance to ask if you would like to go on a date with me on Saturday?”

Oh my goodness, Sophie tried to keep calm and not let her thoughts go crazy with excitement. Fitz was asking her on a second date!

“I would love to, and I need to study for my midterms this weekend so don't worry about reaching out again. We can talk when you are officially on break.”

It's crazy that you are already taking your midterms, how are classes going?”

Really well, the tutoring center has been amazing and I can't believe more prodigies don't use it. Oh shoot, Biana caught on that I am not paying attention to them, I better go, otherwise who knows what they will try and make me do now.”

Bye Sophie, I'll let you know the plan for Saturday and I can't wait to see you again.”

“Bye Fitz.”

“Were you talking to my brother?” Biana asked, annoyed at how Sophie was zoning out during girls night.

“Yes, he wanted to let me know he wouldn't be able to transmit this weekend.” Sophie said trying to hide the smile that was growing on her face.

“I think there is more than you are telling us,” Marella said. Her years of figuring out all the gossip at school had made her very observant and inquisitive.

“We talked a little about next weekend.” Sophie answered very nonchalantly.

“He asked you on another date, didn't he?” Biana asked with a smirk.

“Yes.” Sophie answered quietly.

“Oh my goodness, I know we said no makeovers but can we please just try out some date looks for you? Please?” Biana begged giving Sophie the look she had perfected over the years that always ended up getting her what she wanted.

“Fine, if you insist but I don't even know what Fitz wants to do. So I can't really tell you what the right look is.”

“That's why we try them out, so when you do find out you have a plan.” Linh added already searching Sophie's drawers for the needed supplies.

“Plus tomorrow we can go shopping for date outfit options. It is going to be so fun!” Biana was so excited for dressing Sophie up she didn't even notice Sophie rolling her eyes at the idea of going shopping.

After a few hours of braiding and curling and straightening and putting makeup on and then washing it off and starting again, Sophie still had no idea what she and Fitz were actually going to do on their date but she did have several suggestions on how she should look from the neck up. Sophie insisted that if they were really going to go shopping tomorrow she needed to get some sleep and that they could stay up talking as long as they wanted. In the end the logic of getting some sleep won out since knowing how much Sophie didn't enjoy shopping it would probably be a long day.

After finishing getting ready for bed the four girls snuggled into their sleeping bags. Sophie had grabbed Mr. Snuggles off her bed which earned her some looks from Biana and Marella. Sophie didn't need to read their minds to know they were thinking, yeah right that whole stuffed animal swap was a cognate thing.

A chorus of good night's followed and Linh added, “I know who Sophie is going to dream about tonight but if I hear either of you talking in your sleep about my brother, I will tell him!”

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