fifty five

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"You did what!?!" Biana gasped. "I can't believe after all that we talked about you asked Keefe to give you the letter back. Is that why you have been avoiding me?"

Biana had finally cornered Sophie in the cafeteria looking for answers for Sophie's noticeable absence from the group over the past weeks, demanding to know what had happened during her session with Keefe. Sophie had been avoiding her friends, especially Biana. It wasn't as hard as Sophie thought it would be. Studying for her 5th level finals and spending the weekends with Rina at Havenfield had pretty much taken up all her time. She had made time to talk telepathically with Fitz everyday and heard all about his trip and how the council wanted him to continue working with the Goblins as well, she just didn't want everyone asking questions about her relationship she didn't want to answer.

"Kind of, I've just been really busy. I really need to get to my last session. This is my hardest final and I really need to get some last minute studying in." Sophie said quickly gathering her lunch remnants.

"Cut it out Sophie, you have a photographic memory and this is your Elvin History final. What is really going on?" Biana said a little too snipity.

Sophie looked down and mumbled, "I want to give it to him myself."

"You what!?!" Biana squealed her eyes growing wide.

Sophie looked up and nodded. "When Keefe told me he had it I knew Fitz hadn't seen it and that I finally wanted him to, but that I wanted to give it to him and explain everything."

"So you are really going to do it? Tell him how you really feel? Tell him your big secret that is keeping you from finishing your Cognate training?" Biana asked incredulously.

"Yup, I mean I did tell Fitz I like him, but not all the details or for how long. I don't even know if he realized that has been my secret. I told Keefe to bring me the letter when they get out tomorrow morning and then I am going to wrap it all up and give it to Fitz at Keefe's beach party."

"Sophie I am so proud of you! Next thing you know you will be filling out your packet and getting matched." Biana giggled as she grabbed Sophie to pull her into a huge hug.

Sophie blushed and opened her mouth to say something but closed it. There were still a couple things she wanted to keep secret.

"Well let's get to these last finals. I can't believe you are going to be a level 6 when we come back." Biana said as she and Sophie walked towards their respective classes. Biana looked at their red uniforms and sighed. They had always been together and when they returned from break Sophie would be wearing white. Things were going to change.


"Are you done telling Sophie all about, whatever it is you two talk about." Keefe questioned Fitz.

"Yes, she passed all her finals and we were figuring out to meet each other tomorrow for lunch before spending the afternoon together." Fitz answered, yes they had talked about some other things but Keefe didn't need to know everything.

"I don't get why they make us spend the night here, there is literally nothing for us to do here. Why am I not getting everything ready for the party tomorrow night? This is so pointless." Keefe complained to Fitz while using telekinesis to bounce a ball against the wall as he sat on the floor in Fitz's room.

"I agree but it isn't that bad." Fitz said as he grabbed the last of his things and put them in his bag for the midterm break. "Besides you can help me brainstorm the perfect gift for Sophie for completing her level 5 finals."

"What about jewelry? Maybe a necklace?" Keefe suggested.

"I'm not getting her a necklace, seriously Keefe."

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