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After school she quickly leaped home trying to get in a quick nap before dinner so she would be able to study all night. She didn't even think to change out of her school uniform. After it felt like she had just fallen asleep she was jolted awake from the sound of her imparter going off.

"Sophie where are you, everyone is here and dinner starts in 20 minutes." Biana was noticeably frustrated at Sophie's absence.

"I'll be right there," Sophie mumbled as she half awake-half asleep headed to the leapmaster. When she arrived at Everglen she was greeted by the group who looked at her strangely.

"Foster, why are you still in your school uniform?" Keefe asked with a suppressed laugh.

Sophie realizing she had never changed felt the red of her uniform creep up her face.

"No worries, we can go find you something in my closet, and Linh and Marella can fix your hair." Biana said as she grabbed her hand dragging her up the stairs.

After 10 minutes Sophie looked much more ready for a dinner in the Vacker formal dining room. Biana had chosen a simple white lace dress with gold embroidery and a very sensible pair of gold flats. Linh had managed to tame Sophie's hair and Marella had woven an intricate braid across the top like a headband. Sophie still tired from her long week of studying didn't even argue when they proceeded to add a touch of makeup.

The girls made their way downstairs into the formal dining room with a couple minutes to spare.

Sophie's thoughts still on the massive amounts of homework didn't even notice when Fitz came and sat by her.

"You look really nice,” he said quietly.

Sophie remembered how she had looked when she arrived and started to blush again, before she could respond Della and Alden came in and dinner was served. Sophie didn't really pay attention to much of the conversation at dinner, her thoughts were clearer and she was mentally going over her homework. She did pick up on something about Keefe tying all the doors together and flooding the bathroom that made everyone laugh. Just as they were finishing up Fitz leaned over.

“Sophie can we go for a walk outside, I need a little help with some of our independent telepathy studies.”

She hadn't even thought about telepathy studies this past month and wondered what Fitz needed help on. They had spent every free moment during the break together and had almost completed Tiergan’s list of cognate training exercises.

“Sure, I can't stay too late I have a lot of homework this weekend.” Sophie answered and they got up and Fitz offered her his hand as they made their way to the expansive gardens and forest that was behind Everglen.

When they got outside the sun was just starting to set and the beautiful sky was painted with colors of pink and gold as the last bit of sun was fighting to stay in the sky. They walked hand in hand in silence for a few minutes before Sophie spoke.

“How are things going in the towers?”

“Sophie you have no idea how hard it is.” Fitz started to say before pausing trying to get up the courage to finish his thought. With the sun now out of the sky the air turned crisp and Sophie felt a shiver go over her body. Instinctively Fitz pulled her in close to him. She looked up at him and the gold sparkles in her eyes reflected the stars that were starting to dot the sky.

“I’ve missed you so much.” Fitz whispered. The words he had wanted to say all night finally escaping his mouth.

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