forty eight

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Snuggling with the re-Fitzified Mr. Snuggles just reinforced everything that Sophie had felt in her letter and she woke up the next day feeling even more aware of how much she needed to see Fitz again. She trudged down the stairs not really in the mood for breakfast but knew she needed to put on a happy face to not freak out Grady and Edaline.

“Morning Sophie, a scroll arrived for you today.” Edaline called out when she saw Sophie head into the kitchen. “I’m not sure why they sent it here instead of just giving it to you at school.”

Sophie picked up the scroll inquisitively, taking note it was from Foxfire and looked like Magnate Leto had sent it. Sophie opened it rather nonchalantly, figuring that it was just a general message about a school policy or something.

A mixture of panic and excitement spread across her face as she read,


Your mentors have been notified that you will not be attending classes today as you will meet with Quinlin in Atlantis for further training on the Cognate relationship. Please make your way to his office as soon as possible. He is expecting you.

Magnate Leto

Finally a telepathy related session. Hopefully Fitz was headed to Atlantis as well and she could finally see him! There was one way to be sure and Sophie didn't waste a second to reach out.

"Fitz did you get one too?"

"Get one what? What are you talking about?"

Sophie could hear the confusion in his voice and didn't want to make it awkward if he didn't get invited to come to a cognate training session.

"Oh, what are you doing today?"

"It is a really hard day, remember how I couldn't talk this weekend. I have a huge presentation today. They are bringing in some of the council to listen to us."

"Oh, well you will do fabulous. I got a scroll saying my special session was being moved today so I hoped that meant you were coming for some reason."

"Sorry no scroll here, but I should be free tonight and can't wait to hear about your session today with whoever it is with."

"I will wait to hear from you tonight, and Fitz, thank you for your note and gift. I don't know how you did it but it was really nice of you to think of me."

"I think of you all the time Sophie. I am so excited for the break. We can see each other all the time again. I gotta go but tonight we talk for sure."

"Bye Fitz"

After the transmission stopped Sophie readied herself to go to Atlantis to see Quinlin again. She had often wondered about his cognate relationship with Alden but it had always seemed like something that you didn't talk about. Maybe today she would get some answers.

“Sophie, welcome. Come in and lets get comfortable. I know we have a lot to discuss today.”

Sophie made her way past the secretary and up to Quinlin’s oval office, remembering her first visit there and seeing the fires on the screens. She was glad they were upstairs and not in the damp smelly room she had been unsuccessfully probed in. That whole day had just been weird.

“So Magnate Leto wanted me to talk to you about trust between cognates. Do you trust Fitz?”

Sophie froze at his question.

“Yes I have always trusted Fitz. Since we first met I don't know why but I just felt like something clicked inside me. Does that make sense?”

“More than you realize, it's a Cognate thing that happens. As telepaths we learn to hear and block the thoughts of those around us, but when you have a cognate partner your brain is different. You feel a connection subconsciously and as long as the trust doesn't get broken you can keep the connection.”

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