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“Perfect because we have a little activity for you two. Hopefully this can help you figure out your. . .” Alden started to say when Della piped up “situation. But first Sophie will you go up and visit with Biana. We will let Fitz know the first part of the night.”

Fitz and Sophie looked at each puzzled but if Della and Alden had an idea it was worth giving it a shot. So Sophie made her way upstairs to visit with Biana.

When she arrived at Biana's door, Sophie wasn't sure what to expect but seeing Biana's face Sophie immediately knew another makeover was in her near future. Sophie knew better than to fight her but did have one request, don't go too crazy. Sophie also couldn't figure out how a makeover would help her and Fitz discover why they couldn't focus on their homework.

Biana was an truly an artist and if Sophie was stunning in the morning she was sensational for the evening’s activities. Biana had given her an elixir to brighten and give her hair a subtle glow and than curled it with big soft curls cascading down Sophie's back. Her makeup was flawless and the gold in her eyes shined, the natural pink in her cheeks highlighted her cheekbones and her lips looked soft and smooth with a hint of red, just a shade darker than her natural pink color. When Sophie looked in the mirror she was taken back, if the brown eyes weren't there Sophie would have guessed she was looking at a different person that strangely looked like her. The dress Biana selected was royal blue and small cap sleeves, the top was embellished with small sapphires and diamonds that accentuated the floral embroidery. The bottom was fitted at the waist and was cut in a full flowing skirt of the softest silk, there was even a slit in the skirt to just above her knee on one side that caught the air in the skirt as moved plus it made it easier to walk in. Even through Sophie did not like wearing dresses this one was comfortable and she didn't mind wearing it that much. Biana had paired the dress with the most delicate flats that felt like walking on clouds.

After years of being in the Lost Cities Sophie finally felt like she looked like an elf. She sighed and made her way to the main silver staircase reaching out to Fitz telepathically to find out where he was.

Fitz was waiting in the formal sitting room. He had quickly gotten ready for the night his parents were putting together for Sophie and him. All they had said was that they would be going to dinner in Eternalia and they would have further instructions for both of them later as they handed him a Pathfinder. He was lost in his thoughts of what was going to happen that evening when he heard a familiar voice in his head.

Fitz, Biana just got done. Where are you?”

Smiling he told her he would meet her at the stairs, but he was not prepared for what he saw. As she walked down the stairs it looked like she was floating and Fitz was speechless, he had spent a lot of time with her and she always looked nice but tonight she was glowing.

“Hi” was all Fitz could get out of his mouth suddenly very shy as Sophie reached the bottom of the stairs.

Sophie looked up at him and made eye contact and asked, “do you know what they planned for us?”

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