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It was about 8:30 when Biana came rushing into the guest room rousing Sophie from her dreams. For a brief second Sophie forgot where she was but Biana quickly brought her back to reality when she exclaimed “I didn't know you were spending the night! Come to my room and I will do your hair and makeup for the day! Then maybe we can go shopping or lounge by the lake. . .”

“Biana I need to do homework,” Sophie interrupted her. “There is something going on with Fitz and my brain and we haven't been able to concentrate this past month, but last night things cleared up and your dad said we needed to figure something out to help us.”

Biana was giving her the look. “You really don't see it do you?”

“See what?” Sophie asked her scrunching up her nose.

“Well at least let me help you with your hair and makeup. Maybe that will help you guys figure it out,” Biana said with a sigh.

Sophie did not want a makeover but she wasn't going to be spending a lot of time with her that day so it was probably best to endure a little bit of Biana's torture. About 30 minutes later Sophie was ready for the day and Biana had worked wonders. As the pair made their way into the kitchen hoping to grab a late breakfast they were greeted by Della.

“Well Sophie you certainly look stunning today. I see Biana has been testing out some of her new elixirs on you.”

“Yes,” Sophie answered. “I think it is a little much to do homework though. I am not sure why she went to this much effort, it really seems like a waste.”

“Beauty is never a waste, and Sophie you do look stunning,” Alden said as he entered the room. “Don't you agree Fitz?”

Sophie made eye contact with Fitz and saw his eyes light up when he saw her. He said something but Sophie totally missed it as all she could think about was how incredible Fitz looked. She had been in such a daze last night she had missed that his shoulders seemed broader and his jaw more defined. He had always looked way more attractive than should be possible but seeing him today in his fitted vest, perfectly tailored pants and his hair slightly messy while still looking meticulously styled it was all Sophie could do not to stare.

“Della and I were up talking about your situation last night and we are working on an activity for you tonight to help you figure it out, but as for your homework today I was thinking you could start in the dining room and then this afternoon after lunch maybe work outside on the patio for a change of scenery.” Alden told them both Sophie and Fitz nodding. After finishing up breakfast they headed to get their homework and met back up in the dining room.

“So what are you working on first?” Fitz asked looking at the stack of books Sophie brought down with her.

“Elvin History, even with my photographic memory I still struggle to wrap my head around how everything I knew was all wrong” Sophie answered. “You?”

“Multispecesial studies, I have to write a report on the Goblin's and even after spending all that time with Grizel and Sandor there is still so much I don't get about the Goblin's.”

“Well maybe I can help, I've been to Gildingham and met with Queen Hylda. I saw the presentation and Brielle after her aurification. Sandor explained everything to me.” Sophie’s eyebrows going up as she spoke.

“And I can help you with Elvin history, with my family it was practically bedtime stories growing up.” Fitz answered back with a smile.

They really were a good pair together. They worked independently and quite efficiently just asking little questions that would come up. By lunch they had finished everything in those subjects. After a brief lunch they did move out to the patio as Sophie had to work on some Elementism and Fitz needed to study for the universe. This time Fitz helped Sophie bottle some wind and Sophie showed Fitz where the information he needed was located in his brain from when they had bottled elementine. That had been a stressful experience but being together they felt comfortable. The conversation was easy with some small bits of Fitz teasing Sophie about still being shorter than Biana and before long Della and Alden had come out to check on them.

"Did you get your homework done?" Della asked as Alden inquired "how was today?"

“Really great, we have been able to help each other when we needed it and I don't know about Sophie but I am almost caught up,” Fitz said.

Sophie nodded, “another day like today and I might even be ahead for once this semester.”

Della and Alden grinned

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