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Sophie sat there and studied the girl. She was tall and slender and had vibrant cobalt eyes which were set off by her dark chocolate brown hair which was down and cascaded in big bouncy curls. Her dress was sleek and fitted but the sleeves were something Sophie had never seen before, they seemed to attach to her cape and made her look like an elegant superhero. She was gorgeous and had the confidence to match making her even that more intimidating. She obviously knew Fitz really well as they were now engaged in a very light and happy conversation about Fitz’s first month in the towers. Sophie wasn't sure what to think about what was happening and started to scrunch her nose as she thought about it, but the one thing Sophie did know was she felt the way Fitz's face looked when he saw her with Taron and then it hit her. Fitz was jealous.

It was right then that Fitz looked over at Sophie seeing the familiar look on her face. Why would Sophie be jealous, he was just talking to his distant cousin on his mom's side and then it hit him he didn't introduce Sophie.

“I feel so stupid,” Fitz interrupting the story that was being told. “Sophie this is Arya. She is a cousin on my mom's side.”

“Oh, nice to meet you,” Sophie said a rush of relief coming over her face.

Arya acknowledged Sophie and finished the story, now Sophie saw the resemblance and when she actually listened to the end of the story about how since she was a vanisher she would sneak out of the towers to visit her boyfriend during her years in the tower Sophie felt a little foolish. Arya noticed her friends coming into the bistro and headed over to meet them.

Sophie and Fitz sat for a few minutes eating the wonderful spread that Della and Alden had ordered for them. Where conversation had been easy between them after realizing the feelings of jealousy they were at a loss for words, not sure how to approach the situation.

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