thirty one

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Sophie woke up in the morning refreshed and quickly got ready to help with the animals before lunch. She knew Fitz said she should dress casual and wear comfy shoes but that wasn't exactly one of the “options” Linh and Biana had planned for. What did Fitz have planned that needed comfy shoes?

“You seem more relaxed today,” Grady commented as they fed Verdi. “Anything you want to talk about?”

“Sorry, I was a little spacey last night wasn't I?”

Grady nodded.

“I was just thinking about what Magnete Leto said yesterday and adding back my abilities classes.” Sophie said not mentioning the thoughts she had concerning Fitz. There was no reason to get Grady riled up.

“Is that all it was? Edaline was worried no one got you a midterm gift, or that you were thinking about getting your matchmaking packet.”

“No one did get me a gift, but that's ok I didn't think they would anyway,” Sophie answered before her tone changed and Grady could tell she was confused. “Why would I get a matchmaking packet?”

“Typically you get them at midterms during your 5th level.”

Then Sophie remembered Fitz having to fill out his packet to get out of being grounded. Biana had said his answers were adorable, making Sophie wonder what the questions were like.

“I guess I hadn't thought about that, do you think I should get my packet?”

“I know you have had reservations in the past and I can't blame you for doubting the process after some of the parents your friends have and couples you have met but after you graduate and start working there aren't a lot of opportunities to meet new people outside the matchmaking system. I am sure not all humans met randomly before they fell in love.”

That thought gave Sophie pause, she hadn't really thought much past graduation and how she would meet people, she just always hoped things would work out with Fitz, and he had told her he hoped she would register for the match. Now she was confused registering for the match had felt wrong, but would she be matched with Fitz? Would he still like her if she didn't register?

She thought back to living with the humans. Sure the Fosters had a normal story of dating, falling in love, getting married but humans did have all kind of ways to meet people even arranged marriages which seemed even worse than the matchmaking process, maybe she would consider it after all.

They worked efficiently and before long Edaline was calling them in for lunch. Sophie ate quickly before running upstairs to shower and get ready for her date with Fitz. She decided to curl her hair and pull it part up with some twists and braids and leave her hair down in back. With the help of Vertina it didn't look half bad. Vertina also suggested some mascara, gold eyeshadow and light pink gloss on her lips. As for what to wear Sophie was stumped, she wanted to look nice but casual and what would she need comfy shoes for? After perusing her closet she decided black boots, black leggings and pale pink tunic top that had some ruffles at the bottom of the elbow length sleeves and hem that made is a little dressy but still casual. As Sophie looked at her reflection she thought to herself that maybe dressing up a little bit wasn't too bad. She was ready to go and decided to head downstairs to wait for Fitz.

She was just about to start down the second flight of stairs when she overheard Fitz and Grady talking in the living room. Grady was giving his approval for something and Fitz asked if Grady had any thoughts on a bramble strategy. Sophie stopped for a minute, they sounded like best friends having a casual conversation and it made Sophie happy. Grady had been a huge Dex fan and not a Keefe fan but rarely mentioned Fitz so it was comforting to hear them getting along.

As soon as Sophie was visible to the living room Fitz stood up from his seat on the couch.

“I didn't realize you were down here.” Sophie said as she walked in the room.

“I was letting Grady know the plan for the day so he wouldn't worry. I didn't want to rush you getting ready.” Fitz answered back as he handed Sophie a box with a teal ribbon tied around it. “Congratulations on passing your midterms.”

“How did you know I passed?” Sophie asked tilting her head to the side.

“I didn't but I figured you would and if not I still wanted you to have this, but I want you to wait until you get home tonight to open it.”

Sophie looked confused and intrigued by what was in the box.

“I'll put it in your room for you.” Grady said. Sophie had forgotten he was even in the room, her mind was completely caught up in seeing Fitz again.

“Well we should be headed off,” Fitz said as he reached for Sophie's hand. “You are sure it is ok to keep her late tonight, I can change the last part if you are worried.”

“I can check on Sophie, if we get worried as long as you go where you told me everything will be fine. Go and have fun!”

The pair made their way outside and Fitz pulled out a Pathfinder and set the coordinates.

“Are you ready to go?” Fitz asked giving her hand a squeeze. Sophie could see the excitement burning in his eyes.

“Fitz I don't even know what we are doing.”

“I know, it's a surprise. Are you ready?”

Sophie nodded and a second later a ray of light caught them and they leaped away.

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